When to Hire a Plumber

When to Hire a Plumber


Clearing clogged drains

“Oh no, not again. Someone call the plumber!” Has this ever happened to you? Maybe more than once? It’s never a good day when your sewer backs up. Luckily sewer cleaning can (and for the most part should) be left to the professionals. With an estimated 154,153 plumbing businesses in the United States, the industry generates roughly $95 billion in revenue annually.

When to hire a plumber Aside from the emergency clogged sewer line issue, there are other instances in which a professional plumber is needed.

  1. Low water pressure: This issue is always an annoyance to those living in the house. There are a number of factors that could lower the water pressure — such as an obstruction (rust, hair) in the water lines, a poorly designed supply line, or low pressure from the city supply. A commercial plumber should be able to determine which issue you have with the water line.
  2. No hot water: Purchasing a new water heating could save you $700 a year in energy costs, so it may be time to call the plumber for an installation. There can be many issues with an old water heater, such as circuit breakers, blown fuses, and faulty thermostats. Purchasing a new one and having it properly installed insures that it will function while also being 20% more energy efficient.
  3. Sewer line stoppage:Sewer cleaning is no fun when you have to DIY. A clearing clogged drains is a plumber’s specialty. Normally if stoppage continues, this is the result of a bad plug in the main line that runs to the sewer. Most of the time, tree roots are to blame for this issue.
  4. Frozen pipes:After this past winter, one of the main reasons people call a plumber is to fix frozen pipes. Don’t try to fix a frozen pipe by yourself, because most of the time plumbers will replace the frozen section instead of trying to thaw it and create more damage.

The average homeowner hires a plumber once every 2 to 3 years to complete equipment replacement or repairs, so it would be best to call for a sewer cleaning service at least once every two years to make sure everything is running smoothly. More on this.

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