What Americans Look For The Most When Building A New Home

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What Americans Look For The Most When Building A New Home


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Are you considering buying a home soon? Perhaps you’ve recently started a new family or been promoted and are wondering how contractors can help create the house of your dreams. Affordable housing construction is more than just a distant fantasy, with commercial contractor services offering Americans of varying lifestyles and budgets the means of finding a home that suits them best. Everything from construction safety to budget conscious designs are possible with the aid of professional contractors. Let’s take a look at what they can do to help you next time you consider seeking out a new home.

Housing Industry

Worried you won’t have enough contractors to choose from? Never fear. The are over eight million production workers currently working across the country in repair, construction, interior design, consultation and engineering. The United States also boasts a market share of nearly 10%, making it the second largest construction market around the world. Not bad! A commercial construction company can answer any questions you have about design, location or pricing.

Common Preferences

There’s no shame in taking a gander at what other Americans are looking for. After all, you might not know what you want until you see it! Studies have shown nearly 60% of Americans saying they much prefer to buy a new home with modern features, such as having a bigger closet or walls pre-wired for a flat-screen, than those without. Another study provided by the American Society Of Interior Designers also found small to mid-sized companies noting that interior improvements increased productivity. Knowing what you want to get out of your home is one of the most important elements to crafting a house that has you and your family feeling content for years to come.

Industry Rates

The housing industry is an ongoing success story. More and more families are seeking out abodes that welcome their living habits and support their interests. The year 2015 saw over 100,000 contractor-built single-family homes started, with the median contract price reaching $270,000. One of the most popular reasons for buying a new home rather than choosing a pre-existing one is the ability to customize, guiding the hand of over 50% of respondents to a recent survey. Not only is it more fun and fulfilling to customize at will, another half also preferred spending less on maintenance and repairs.

How To Hire Contractors

You’ll want to hire contractors to smooth out the complex process of building a home to your unique specifications. The ‘three Fs’, for example, are a common rule of thumb in many markets. These stand for ‘footings, foundations and framing’. You might hear your contractor talking about ‘pouring the footers’, meaning pouring concrete to support the foundation of your future home. Of the over 648,000 single-family homes completed back in 2015, the majority had air-conditioning and a sizable chunk had two bedrooms. Consider what you want to see in your home with the aid of a commercial contractor and your new life can come around sooner than you thought!

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