Want To Build The Perfect Man Cave?

Want To Build The Perfect Man Cave?


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There are plenty of gender-specific products, including ones that toe of the line of being largely unnecessary or even slightly bizarre. (You can, thanks to modern marketing, purchase pens specifically for women or candles with “man scents,” like new car, football, bacon, and golf course.) You do not have to stop at gender-specific products, however. Even the most open-minded men get a bit starry-eyed at mentions of the well-known man cave. Here are some tips on buying furniture and decorating for the perfect man cave.

You’re Going To Need Some Leather

Leather gets a bad rep. In actuality, leather is made from the waste byproducts of the beef and steak industries. In other words, if you do not embrace leather living room furniture — and consumers stopped purchasing it altogether — that part of the cow would essentially go to waste. Feel free then to use as much leather as you like in your man cave. Leather, particularly brown and black leather, and rustic, wood furnishings are some of the most popular choices for man caves.

You may also want to consider more functional furnishings and appliances. Do you want a beer fridge in your man cave? Even if you don’t drink, is it a good idea to have a place to stow snacks and munchies? Will you need room for a billiard table? These are all questions to ask yourself. That will prevent you from buying leather living room furniture that does not fit in the final version of your man space.

It’s Not All About High Quality Furniture: Personal Theater or X-Box One?

The perfect man cave, however, is not all about furniture shopping. Decide what exactly you will use it for. Men use these spaces for gaming, at-home theaters, billiard rooms, or sometimes even a quiet place to watch the game.

What will go in your man cave? Leather and wood and/or rustic furnishings are the most popular choices for man caves as are pool tables, beer fridges, video game systems, and/or flat-screen televisions. Read more: www.carolinafactoryoutlet.com

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