Types of Bullet Proof Glass Being Used Today

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Types of Bullet Proof Glass Being Used Today


There are many different types of ballistic glass products out there. This video breakdowns the different types of ballistic, bullet proof, and bullet resistant glass that are commonly used today. Despite the high costs of bullet resistant glass, there has been an increase in demand for it.

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Many businesses, and even residential homes, find the added security to be worth the investment.

The first one is laminated glass, the original “bullet proof glass”. This is an alternative for people who are not actively facing a ballistic threat but till want to keep people out. The second type is insulated ballistic glass which is an updated version and new generation of bullet resistant security. Not only is it bullet resistant and prevents forced- entry, but it is also energy efficient. The third is acrylic glass, which is by far the most common type for its ability to be drilled and cut to shape. It has multiple levels of bullet security. Next is polycarbonate, a comparably soft glass to acrylic. This glass sucks the bullet in instead. This type can be altered and layered to serve whatever purpose necessary.

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