Trees, Shrubs, and Other Great Landscaping Additions

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Trees, Shrubs, and Other Great Landscaping Additions


Shrubs gainesville

When you have a home to call your own, you have countless visions for your space that can multiply into countless projects for you to do to reach those goals. From finding the perfect flooring to the right curtains and updating electrical, plumbing, and design choices, you have the potential to transform your house into the home you have always dreamed of. You of course want to make the interior to your precise specifications in order to create the most comfortable space, as well as creating your very own sanctuary of rest, relaxation, safety, and security. But once you’ve perfected the indoors, you will no doubt want to tackle the exterior as well.

More than just curb appeal
There are those who put a lot of importance on the appearance of their house, whether to impress or draw envy from their neighbors, or to put out some image that they feel they need to be associated with. But just like with anything else in life, it is never another person’s perception that matters, especially if that perception conflicts with who you really are, what you actually stand for, or what your true motivations or reasons are.

As you begin to mold the ideas for the outdoor part of your haven, think about what would make you happiest, and how you will best utilize the space. Take into consideration the trees, shrubs, and other plants that already exist in your yard, and think about how to incorporate other positive elements as well. Shop around for the perfect landscape supplies, or speak with a professional landscaper about what your process should be. You should also consider the option of integrating hardscapes as well, whether small elements peppered throughout the outdoor space, or updating or installing sidewalks, patios, or other usable elements.

Trees for more than just their beauty

Trees can do wonders to build up the look and feel of just about any place. They bring that touch of nature back to a bustling and sometimes chaotic species who have claimed that it is all in the name of progress. Utilizing everything that nature provides is a helpful way to reset, and should be done more often.

But it is certainly a benefit to have things work together for your favor. This is why you should spend the time to find the right landscape for the outdoor space. Many larger plants can actually end up saving you money as well, dropping the energy bills by up to 25%, as there is less of a need to have air conditioning on. The towering deciduous trees do a very thorough job of keeping the hot sun from warming things up too much. In fact, during the summer they can block out anywhere from 60% to 90% of that sunshine and the resulting heat.

Fuel costs, your air conditioning, and your energy bill could all use a break, as you could use a brand new look and vibe to your outdoor space. In case you needed any additional reasons, the ultimate return on investment could be worth it if you have plans to move on someday. It has been estimated that if you spend only 5% of the house’s value on landscaping, your return on investment could be as high as 150%. Then again, if you are settling into the home that you can see yourself in for good, all the work going into your project is absolutely priceless.

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