Top 3 Reasons For Replacing Roofs

Top 3 Reasons For Replacing Roofs


Homes need a lot of maintenance, that’s a given. The siding, front garden, and driveway get a lot of attention. Some people are always wondering what is next when it comes to improving their home. People often overlook maintenance of their roof, leaving it vulnerable to the weather and other factors that could potentially damage a home even further. To prevent worse damage to your property, it’s important to stay on top of the quality of your roof and take care of issues when they arise. Many homeowners, almost a quarter of them, admit that they have never even thought about inspecting their roof unless there was an obvious problem. A roof definitely needs to be inspected at least once a year. Roofing companies have services to inspect the standing of your roof and determine what needs some TLC. There are a few top reasons why your roof may need to be repaired, or even completely replaced.

1. It’s simply old

There a lot of older homes out there, which are likely to be even older than the people who own them. The interior is not the only thing that can be dated, your roof can be as well. It’s said that once a roof hits 25 years old, it’s time to be revamped. In 25 years, a roof sees a lot of rain, heat, snow, and wind. Some roof shingles could be curling up, threatening to lift up, or are entirely gone. Asphalt shingles can deteriorate and shed, leaving granules all over your property. All of these issues with shingles can leave you vulnerable to leaks and other weather damage to the rest of your home. The worst thing that can happen with an old roof is sagging, which calls for immediate action, as this means the structural integrity of your home is compromised and so is your own safety. Getting a roofing companies out immediately is the best action to take in any situation, as they can give you a free written estimate of repair costs.

2. Storm damage

Roofing companies are contacted the most after big storms or natural disasters. Strong winds, rain, tornadoes, and hail can do a great deal of damage to a roof in a short amount of time. Wind and hail can knock shingles right off of your roof and leave the underlying structure exposed to the rest of the storm. If a natural disaster occurs, it may be days or weeks before a repair can be attempted by a roofing company. This leaves your roof to be further beat up by the elements. It is also incredibly common for trees or branches to fall onto a roof and crash on top of or through it. After this type of damage it’s common for roofs to be entirely replaced by roofing companies. Good roofing companies are definitely a lifeline after a particularly damaging storm. Repairing your roof should be one of the first courses of action directly after.

3. Increasing home value

Maybe your roof isn’t exactly a masterpiece. An old, damaged, and unsightly roof can lower your home value substantially. It certainly does not look good on the block either. Replacing your roof can be one of the key components to upgrading the look and value of your house. Many roofing companies are not only experienced in doing a good job utility wise, but also aesthetics wise. Only the best roofing companies are able to produce a proper and good looking roof. They will inquire about shapes, colors, and shingle quality in order to create the desired look for your home.

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