The Top Three Statistics You Never Knew About How and Where Americans Live


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Plenty of people move around, but you may be surprised at who does it and how often they do. Here are three questions you may have about who is leaving home each year:

1. How Often do People Move?

As it turns out, quite a lot of people move very often. The Census Bureau reports that about forty three million Americans call up some local movers each year since about nineteen eighty, which equals out to almost seventeen percent of the population. That’s a huge amount of people which from the sounds of it should add up very quickly. Looking at the huge figures of folks who are looking for easy moving tips, though, it begs the question…

2. Who Moves Most Often?

About a third of all renters will move each year. That makes sense; they possibly have the most tenuous, temporary living arrangements. About thirty six percent of people between the ages of twenty and twenty four will move each year, and that figure drops by about five percent over the next five years. That’s also pretty predictable and essentially indicates that people tend to settle into places they live more often as they grow older. Younger people tend to be more mobile, but they aren’t exclusively the ones looking for easy moving tips. After all that though…

3. So What Does This Mean?

After looking at everyone who calls up moving companies, you’d think that most people would move around quite a lot. There is a huge amount of people that move each year, after all. That isn’t entirely true though. In actuality, about thirty seven percent of Americans who reach adulthood will have never left their home town. What do you think about this culture of moving or, as the case may be for some, not moving? Great references here.

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