The Restaurant Industry Loses $246 Million Every Year To Fire Damage Fire Extinguisher Inspections

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The Restaurant Industry Loses $246 Million Every Year To Fire Damage Fire Extinguisher Inspections


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Fire is an omnipresent threat…even if you can’t see it. When we are surrounded by so much technology and flammable materials on a constant basis, it’s more than likely a fire could erupt when you least expect it and put your life in danger. For those that oversee establishments that are considered high-risk? Even more so. Fire extinguishers services are a resource everyone benefits from all days of the year, providing everything from basic inspections to superior technology to reduce property damage and save lives.

Common Causes Of Fire

What are the most common sources of fire? Let’s take a look. It’s estimated there are over 8,000 commercial kitchen fires reported every year. This is due to poor ventilation systems and the regular exposure these small spaces have to smoke, grease, oil, fire and various flammable materials. Fire extinguishers services (such as a fire extinguisher recharge or fire extinguisher servicing) make sure that these spaces are properly equipped at all times to nip small fires in the bud before they go out of control.

High-Risk Locations

Although any location is at risk for a fire, some have a higher probability than others. Fires in both restaurants and dining establishments cause a yearly average of $246 million in general property damage. Warehouses, hospitals, hotels, motels and apartments are also noticeable risk factors for the similar reasons stated above. Fire extinguisher inspections should be done on a regular basis to ensure basic equipment is always up to par.

Simple Everyday Tips

There are small things you can do to mitigate the risk of fire. For those that work in a cooking establishment, it’s important to remember that nearly 60% of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment. Remember to remove ashes from any wood or charcoal-burning ovens at least once per day. Store them outside in metal containers at least 10 feet away, if not more, from any buildings or combustible materials.

Bring Proper Equipment

Have you had a fire protection service inspect your establishment, restaurant or institution? It’s time to look into fire extinguishers services and see how you can improve your equipment. Your fire alarm battery should always be fully charged and your fire extinguisher should be properly filled to remove any risk before it’s out of your hands and into the laps of local fire control. Over 30 states require the immediate replacement of non-UL 300 systems when cooking equipment is changed, re-positioned or replaced.

You Can Never Be Too Prepared For A Fire

Fires cause over $246 million in direct property damage in the restaurant industry alone. These incidents claim hundreds of lives every year and cause horrific injuries. The most shocking of all? The vast majority of these incidents can be very easily avoided with proper preparation. Fire extinguishers should be located no more than 30 feet away from any and all cooking and preparation areas for easy accessibility. A fire escape plan should be in place for both customers and employees. Last, but not least, have your equipment expected twice per year.

Fire is a terrifying element, but with a little foresight and preparation it can be held at bay.

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