The Pros of Installing a Terrazzo Floor Yourself

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The Pros of Installing a Terrazzo Floor Yourself


Terrazzo floor polishing

If you’re looking for a beautiful, inexpensive and long-lasting stone surface for your floor, terrazzo is one of the best choices available. It gives your home the elegance of a marble floor without the marble cost! Better yet, it’s easy enough to install that you can do it yourself, saving valuable time and money. If you have a knack for handiwork, consider installing your terrazzo floor yourself!

Here are three reasons why you should consider performing your terrazzo flooring installation yourself:

1. Save money: Did you know that hiring a professional to install a terrazzo floor in your house can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 per square foot? However, terrazzo floor tile that you can install yourself only costs about $15 to $30 per square foot, making it a much more affordable option for any budget.

2. Save time: When you take on a terrazzo installation project yourself, you can work on it whenever you want — there’s no waiting around for installation workers. Terrazzo floor tiles are also readily available at most home improvement stores, meaning you can pick up your supplies whenever you’d like without having to wait on delivery.

3. Pride in a job well done: It sounds cliche, but there really is a sense of accomplishment that comes with every home renovation or improvement project you take on yourself. You will know that you took part in making your home more beautiful and elegant. A self-installed terrazzo floor is also a great way to impress your guests!

A terrazzo floor is a great way to add some elegant Old World ambience to your home that recalls the beauty of the Renaissance — even Michelangelo used terrazzo as a medium! Installing terrazzo yourself has never been easier or more affordable — there’s no reason to wait!

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