The Importance Of Your Home Decor And How To Have The Home Of Your Dreams

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The Importance Of Your Home Decor And How To Have The Home Of Your Dreams


If you own a home – or even just rent your place of residence, such as an apartment – it is important to make it feel more like a home and not just a house. Home decor can be an important way that people use to express themselves and show off their personality, and we even often make first (and sometimes lasting) judgments based off of how someone’s home is decorated. But only around twenty percent (one out of every five) people living in the United States say that they feel completely satisfied with their home decor and furnishings, with many still looking to add a little something special to set their home apart.

Fortunately, there are a number of cost effective ways to do this, small additions to your home decor and overall decorating scheme that will far from break the bank. Adding new family photographs to the walls can add not only a touch of color and homey-ness, but personality as well. Other art prints can have the same effect, changing the tone of the room by the prints that you choose as well as even how you choose to place them and arrange them on your walls. More and more people are going for what is often referred to as a “museum wall” in which a number of pictures of varying sizes and themes hang together, artfully arranged, on a single wall. Many home owners will choose to use these so called museum walls as accent walls, used to tie the room as a whole together.

Custom made rugs present another way to add a little bit of warmth – both literally as well as figuratively in this case – to any room in your home, from the bedroom to the living room to even the kitchen (though it is, of course, advised that you keep your custom made rugs out of any danger zones in the kitchen, where cooking related accidents are common place). Custom made rugs can range through a wide variety of styles, from area rugs to braided rugs, and can be made to suit the dimensions of any room in your home. An area rug and a braided rug both can be functional as well as fashionable, and many people will choose to splurge on a luxury rug, as luxury custom made area rugs can add that little (or a lot) something special to any space in your home.

For many people, custom made rugs offer the perfect opportunity to fit a rug to their living space. When considering the possible dimensions of custom made rugs for sale, you should keep in mind that the average rug will be around twelve to fourteen inches away from the perimeter of the room, leaving a decent amount of space free from coverage. However, perhaps this is not in keeping with your ideal style. In such an instance, custom made rugs provide the perfectly sized rug for your purposes, no matter how big or small you would like it and no matter which room in your home you intend it for. And having custom made rugs can be more than just a stylish accent. On top of this, the presence of custom made rugs might even reduce the likelihood of a high level of allergens present in the room. Allergic reactions are likely to decrease by as much as thirty percent throughout the entirety of the general population, a more than significant number, particularly for the allergy sufferers among us.

From custom made rugs to unique wall hangings, there are many ways that you can express your personality throughout the entirety of your home and in your living spaces – and even in your work spaces, if you work out of a designated space or office to call your own. Decoration is a common mode of self expression, shown by the fact that nearly half of all American home owners are planning to decorate their places of home residence, forty eight percent in total, to be even more exact.

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