Reducing Heating Costs With Under Floor Heating

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Reducing Heating Costs With Under Floor Heating


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Winter is quickly approaching. Before we know it, the warm, summer temperatures will be replaced with cold and frigid snow. Homeowners will replace their air conditioning use with furnace use. Some may even light fireplaces inside of their home. They will switch summer clothing out for warmer winter clothing options. The home will be decorated with large, fuzzy, and warm blankets for quick heat. Boots will replace open toed sandals. All of these preparations make the winter weather more bearable. Some homeowners may even take the preparations to the next level, upgrading their homes to provide better heat source.

Most homeowners will see a drastic increase in their heating costs over the winter. The increase in the furnace usage is a necessity to prevent freezing. It is beneficial for both the residents of the home and for the safety of the home. For example, a home that is not properly heated can result in frozen pipes, which eventually lead to a burst pipe. This can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. Saving a little money each month on heating costs can end up being much more expensive in plumbing and piping repairs.

Some homeowners will find alternative ways to heat their home. These alternative methods increase the warmth of the home, while reducing the amount of energy used. Electric under floor heating is a great option. When the lower levels of the home, such as the flooring is heated, less heat is needed to heat the entire home. Heat rises, making the heated floors convenient in also providing heat to the rest of the home. Electric under floor heating provides many benefits to the home owner.

Radiant heat feels warmer than convective heating, which allows occupants to be more comfortable at lower temperatures, 6 to 8 degrees lower! Utility companies advise their customers that they can save anywhere from 3 to 5% on their heat bill for every degree they can turn down the thermostat. Think of all of the monthly savings from reducing the thermostat 6 to 8 degrees lower. Even though the thermostat is lowered, the home still feels just as warm.

A lot of the heat that comes from a traditional furnace is lost in a variety of ways, causing homeowners to turn their thermostats even higher. The US Department of Energy estimates that 35% of heat is lost through a traditional forced air duct or piping system. Most electric under floor heating is protected by the flooring that lies on top of it. The protection of the flooring prevents the heat from escaping the room easily. Homeowners will notice a generally warmer feeling throughout the entire room, and even the house.

Electric under floor heating can be installed under a variety of flooring. The best types of flooring are ones that are not carpeted. However, many homes today have other flooring, such as tile, laminate, and hardwood. Even ceramic floor heating is an option and works best when the heated floors are installed during the ceramic tile installation. Electric radiant flooring can also be used as a heated wood floor. Wood floors tend to be in high demand in today?s modern housing trends, making it a very popular choice. For those looking to save money, electric heated laminate flooring is a great cost saving option. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant floor heating can cut heating costs by 25 to 50%.

Winter will be here before we know it. The temperatures will drop and it will get very cold, very fast. People are always looking for ways to increase the heat of their homes, while also reducing their energy costs. Electric under floor heating is a great option for most types of home flooring. The heat is held into the home, increasing the overall temperature of the room. Electric under floor heating can be installed into a variety of flooring options, making it the perfect way to save some money on heating costs.

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