Protecting Your Vehicles… ALL of Them

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Protecting Your Vehicles… ALL of Them


Metal carports for sale

It’s just a fact of life: RVs don’t fit in a normal-sized garage.

And not just RVs. The majority of boats don’t fit either, especially when you add the height and width of the trailer. And if you have extra vehicles–vintage cars, motorcycles, rebuilds, off-roaders, etc. — it becomes a choice between sheltering them or your primary vehicles. What’s a person to do?

Metal carport kits. That’s what a person’s to do.

Metal carport kits offer you the protection and stability of a garage without the immense cost of building one on to your existing house. They can be located virtually anywhere — close to the house, far from the house, out in a field, at the end of the driveway… You’re only limited by your property lines.

Metal carports give you the extra space when you need it most. Your investments are protected from the elements, such as wind, debris, and harmful overexposure to UV rays. Your auto insurance policy probably doesn’t extend to your RV or that antique Roadster you’ve restored, so if there’s any hail damage, you’re paying out of pocket. But vehicles parked under steel carports don’t need hail damage insurance — because they won’t be damaged by hail.

The best part, though? If you do want to store your extra vehicle near the house, you can design your carport to match the aesthetics of your preexisting home design. Metal carport kits come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, to perfectly complement any house, barn, or shed, or even to augment an existing garage.

Don’t be forced to choose which vehicle you love the most. Give them all the shelter and protection they deserve. Your cars will thank you.

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