Over 95% Of Homes With Basements Will Be Flooded Protecting Your Home With Roof Sealants

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Over 95% Of Homes With Basements Will Be Flooded Protecting Your Home With Roof Sealants


A comfortable home is a prepared home.

This means putting that elaborate dream to reinvent your living room on hold for now. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to renovate — indeed, it’s very good for your home’s value — a little preparation is more important. Water damage remains one of the biggest issues facing American homeowners, due in no small part to how many homes are outdated. Worn out commercial floor paint, roof leaks, damaged crawlspaces…it’s a litany of one problem after another. The best way to face up against a flood is with professional help.

Preserve floors and keep furniture dry. Here are some useful resources you can look into to keep your home protected against water damage.

Fast Facts About Water Damage In American Homes

Water damage is a destructive force that can crop out of nowhere and put your entire home at hold. Just one flood can ruin your furniture beyond repair, compromise electrical systems, and build mold. Of all homes with basements, over 95% of them will experience some form of water damage. Preparation is a simple enough task that can save you thousands in the event of a bad storm or leak. Let’s take a look at some actions you can take before spring arrives in 2019.

Maintaining A Healthy Roof With A Strong Coating

Did you know your roof should be inspected once or twice a year? This is a good metric to catch any small problems before they become an expensive disaster. Leaks are deceptive things that often pronounce themselves after they’ve become a massive problem. The average roof has the ability to collect over 600 gallons of water with just an inch of rainfall — just one-eighth of an inch of rain can fill a 50 gallon rain barrel. Elastomeric roof coating is a durable synthetic rubber membrane that can add more durability to low-slop buildings.

Preserve Floors With Commercial Deck Sealant

It’s not just a flat roof coating you can use. Preserve floors with sealant, particularly if your patio is starting to show signs of age. The roof contracting industry today generates around $45 billion of revenue in the United States, with a popular section including commercial floor paint. A highly adhesive coating is not only invisible to the eye, it’s able to last for quite some time against both temperature changes and moisture. You can reduce the probability of floods and increase the lifespan of your deck in one go.

Check Your Crawlspaces For Potential Damage

A basement with an insufficient crawlspace is a basement waiting to be flooded. It’s estimated nearly 30 million homes in the United States have crawlspaces…but only some regularly inspect them to ensure they’re good to go. As you preserve floors it’s recommended you get your basement in order. Just one flood can cost you thousands of dollars, even if your insurance claim covers such an event. This is due to the additional damage and labor spent cleaning out a home in the aftermath.

How To Prevent Water Damage Moving Forward

Instead of hoping and wishing something won’t happen, look instead to a roofing professional. They can walk you through the process of preserving your floors and patching up your roof so a flood is little more than a distant dream. More than four out of five renovating homeowners today are replacing major bathroom features. It’s also becoming increasingly common to apply for a whole home renovation, up to and including repair features. Improving your home’s value and increasing your safety in one go…

…it’s a good idea, isn’t it? Look into commercial waterproofing products this spring and tell floods to take a hike.

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