Over 75% Of No-Heat Calls During The Winter Are Caused By This Minor, Yet Common Issue

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Over 75% Of No-Heat Calls During The Winter Are Caused By This Minor, Yet Common Issue


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Nothing like walking into a well-conditioned home after a long day.

That is…if it’s well-maintained. When it’s not you’re just making your way back into a cloud of dust mites, mold and dander. That’s before we get into struggling to stay warm in the winter or failing to cool off in the summer! Our HVAC systems do a lot for us and it’s only natural to return the favor with some routine maintenance. If you’ve fallen off the ball with checking up on your AC unit, never fear. HVAC contractors are familiar with the ups and downs of these vital components of our everyday lives and will make sure you’re never without your creature comforts.

Maybe you need a new boiler installation. Perhaps the only thing ailing you is a bad set of filters. Whatever seems to be the problem, HVAC contractors will be able to find it. Your air conditioning unit is a complex piece of hardware and one that can start sapping up your energy without proper output in the blink of an eye. Nearly two-thirds of American homes today have an air conditioning unit in place, with some preferring boilers, and air conditioner repair is set to remain at an all-time high. Let’s talk about what can cause your home to feel less comfortable than normal.

Air conditioners don’t just change the temperature. They also clean out the air and keep us healthy. Air conditioner filters trap all the contaminants in the air and keep you from breathing in dead dust mites, mold, pet dander, pollen, mold, dust, dirt and certain chemicals. In fact, indoor air pollution is up to three times worse than outdoor air pollution. A common reason your air might feel worse than normal is because your filters haven’t been replaced. These can be done by hand, but anyone who feels uncomfortable handling their own maintenance should contact HVAC contractors in their area.

Now let’s get into temperature. You know your air conditioner is failing when you turn it on and it takes what feels like forever to start taking effect. While the size of your home certainly has an effect on how soon you’ll feel blissful relief, anything longer than 15 or 20 minutes is a sign you have a struggling system on your hands. Air conditioning replacement can seem like a higher amount of money upfront, but the hundreds of dollars you’ll save every year will be well worth it. For those that have a recently installed air conditioner that’s still struggling to meet demands, you may have other areas of the home to attend to.

Drafty windows, poorly installed doors and cracks in the floorboard have been found to contribute to 25% of a home’s heat loss. Your roof can also be to blame. Studies have shown installing a more energy efficient roof can do wonders for keeping heat inside and reducing the impact of snow, rain and temperature drops. Duct leakage can also sap 20% to even 40% of the energy out of the most well-operating system. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for the extreme seasons and all the high temperatures they’ll be bringing, contacting an HVAC contractor will be a load off your mind.

Those with furnaces and boilers have opportunities to spend less money. Boilers have a lifespan of around 15 years, though some can squeak closer to 30 with routine maintenance. This means reaching out to a boiler repair professional once per year to give your system a once-over for any issues that could be bubbling beneath the surface. According to HVAC experts, as many as 75% of the no-heat calls and complaints in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Instead of leaving your home up to chance, take the imitative and pencil in an obligation on your to-do list.

Make sure your home is always something to look forward to. Let HVAC contractors help you out this year.

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