Moving Trends and the Average American Most Choose to Remain Near Home

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Moving Trends and the Average American Most Choose to Remain Near Home


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Some Americans may not move very often, and tend to prefer staying in their home towns. Rather than relocating to new communities, they really do want to continue living in the area where they grew up. Even though 63% may have relocated at least once, 37% have never left the area they call “home.”

Whether they’re moving locally or to another area entirely, the proverbial average American will do so 12 times throughout their lives. It’s interesting to note that particular age groups and renters may both move more frequently. When you speak to the average 33-year-old, for instance, they’ll likely tell you they’ve moved six times. Recent statistics show that 33% of renters will have moved every year.

While people move throughout the year, the summer months are the most common time for moving. June, in particular, is popular, according to recent statistics. There are about 13.9% of moves that occur at that time, which makes sense as it’s the end of the school year. It is also much more convenient, perhaps, for families with school-aged children or college students to move at this time.

December, however, is the least popular month for moving. Just 3.3% of people decide to move at this time. This is likely due to several factors, such as the end of school semester and various holiday season celebrations. In some instances, these individuals may be relocating due to work or college.

When it comes to the moving industry, Fridays are the busiest days. In 2016, for instance, 19.45% of the moves they handled occurred on this day of the week. If individuals or families don’t work over the weekend, this is probably one of the more convenient days for them to move. In this way, they have the a few days before work resumes on Monday to create a semblance of order in their new home.

If you’re planning to move locally, it’s much easier and more convenient to hire local moving companies to assist you with this process. In addition to providing moving supplies, they will also help you pack and move everything to your new place.

Whether you live on your own, with roommates, or have a household with several children, there’s a good chance using a local moving company will make a significant impact on your time and energy. Since the average household contains 300,000 items, just imagine how much faster the packing will go when you hire experienced movers from local moving companies to assist with this process.

There are other beneficial services that moving companies can provide. In the case that you’re moving into a larger house or otherwise need new furniture, it’s important to note that local moving companies can also provide furniture delivery. When you contact a local moving company to schedule your move, be sure to do so with as much advance notice as possible. In this case, you can usually schedule the perfect time for your move.

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