Looking for New Horizons? Move to a Gated Community in Houston

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Looking for New Horizons? Move to a Gated Community in Houston


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Whether you’re already a Texas resident or live a thousand miles from the Lone Star state, the temptation to move to Houston is strong: Houston, Texas was one of the first major cities in the United States to recover from the economic downturn, and its progress continues unabated today. The city was also ranked No. 2 out of ten major cities for jobs by Forbes Magazine in May 2012. If you’re one of those lucky new job candidates or already a Houston resident, congratulations! If you’re thinking of moving to Houston, good luck! But before you start planning your new life, consider one thing: where are you going to live?
The Houston, Texas area has a population of about 2.1 million people. Unfortunately, this means that finding a place to live in Houston isn’t as simple as finding some Houston land for sale or figuring out the right questions to ask when buying land. But don’t give up on your dream of moving to Houston and buying land to build a house just yet! Instead, ask yourself: Can I see myself living in a gated community?
Statistics from the US Census Bureau show that more than 10 million people in the United States live in gated communities. Unlike a normal neighborhood, a gated community offers acres for sale that combine the friendliness of an American neighborhood with additional security, as well as gated community amenities like pools, tennis courts, marinas, playgrounds, community centers, and more. One gated community near Houston even adjoins Blaketree National Golf Course, offering residents easy access to practice their swing. Gated communities in Houston are often located near highly ranked schools, an advantageous factor for families, and within a quick drive of many Houston-area malls, towns, and stores.
But the real benefit of living in a gated community is economic: if you’re trying to figure out how to buy land cheap, you should know that gated community dwellers pay less in taxes on more land than someone who isn’t a member of a gated community. Also, a home in a gated community is an investment: the various amenities offered and added to gated communities increases the value of the land.
Some people may worry that moving to a gated community will compromise their individuality or restrict their building plans. But while gated communities are carefully planned to optimize sustainable and community growth, some gated communities allow you to choose your own builder and customize your own property. There are often also custom homes already built and available for move-in, if you aren’t interested in building your own home.
So, can you see yourself in a gated community?

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