Learning How to Find the Right Coffee Table

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Learning How to Find the Right Coffee Table


One of the most important pieces in a home is a coffee table. Coffee tables are primarily placed in living rooms. That being said, these tables can work well in almost any room in your home. Before purchasing a coffee table, it’s important to know what you want. Learning how to find the best coffee table will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. In this post, you’ll learn how to find the right coffee table.

Thinking About Space Concerns

Choosing the wrong coffee table is a stressful experience. Considering the price and size of these items, it’s best to think of space concerns before making any purchases. No one wants to have to exchange a coffee table because they didn’t take measurements. Taking these measurements ensures you’ll have a coffee table that fits perfectly in your room.

Experts recommend placing a coffee table about 18 inches away from the edge of your seating area. This amount of space allows you to easily reach the table. In addition, 18 inches of space also allows you to prop your feet up after a long day. You’ll want to leave a large amount of space between your table and any entertainment centers. It’s recommended to leave at least 30 inches of space on the other side of your table. This allows everyone to walk freely without worrying about hitting their legs.

Table Height is Extremely Important

While focusing on the amount of space you’ll need, it’s easy to forget about height concerns. Unfortunately, this can lead to major problems after receiving your coffee table. In this situations, you’ll want to take measurements of your sofa or couch. Take this number and look for a coffee table that is about two inches higher than your seating area. This avoids the problems of having coffee tables that are too low or high.

Customizing Your Coffee Table

If you’re wanting to make your coffee table stand out, consider ordering custom tinted glass. Tinted glass panels work extremely well for making a standard coffee table look amazing. For instance, a black glass table adds a timelessly stylish appearance to any living room. If you’re worried about a room appearing too dark, contrast this with frosted glass cabinets. In addition, custom tinted glass is often easier to clean than wood or metal surfaces. One of the easiest ways to destroy table surfaces is by not using coasters. Fortunately, you can set beverages on glass tables without worrying about any unsightly rings.

In closing, it’s important to remember a few tips before purchasing a coffee table. Many people prefer to have custom tinted glass for these table’s surfaces. Choosing custom tinted glass provides you with many options. If you’re not working with custom glass providers, it can be tough to find the right panels. Therefore, finding a custom glass company saves you immense amounts of time and effort.

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