Landscaping Beautifies Your Home, Adds Value

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Landscaping Beautifies Your Home, Adds Value


Landscaping businesses exist because many people know how important a beautiful exterior is to a home. It adds so much value, and it’s more than just financial. As a homeowner, having a garden you can be proud of is one less thing you have to worry about. It can also bring peace to a house.

Additionally, this industry encompasses more than just gardening. Some people live in different kinds of areas, and they could need mountainscape landscaping. An owner might want a lovely rustic wooded landscape, but they don’t know how to achieve it by themselves. That’s where professionals come in to make your wishes come true. They will listen to your thoughts, make recommendations, and start the project. Landscaping is not as easy as it might sound.

A landscaper is shopping for landscaping materials for a project, and he’s also looking out for his clients’ needs. They have to stay within a budget and the work must be impeccable. Furthermore, there’s a wonderfully creative aspect to this kind of career, and you can find tons of suggestions online if you’re still unsure what you want. Just search for New England front yard landscaping ideas.

Let’s find out more about what landscaping can do for your home.

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It’s hard not to admire the carefully maintained gardens and green spaces in your community parks or campuses. Spring, summer or fall, there is always color, there never seem to be weeds and the grass is always closely edged. And whether or not you know the difference between a peony and a petunia, you can have that same professional look at your own home by hiring a professional landscaping company.

Enjoying your outdoor living space is important. If you live in an established neighborhood, a smaller need might be tree trimming or shrub trimming. A bigger landscaping job to improve a home could involve building a new deck or adding stonework features. Buying a home with established landscaping can be overwhelming if years of growth has made it more wild than whimsy. A landscaper can help tame the shrubs and beds and give the trees a good trim.

Homeowners in new construction often need of landscaping ideas and new plantings.The blank canvas of a new front and back yard can be pretty intimidating. A landscaper can help you develop a short and long-range plan and will know what kinds of plantings will be best in your soil and available light.

Other services professional landscaping companies offer include:

    1. sprinkler systems
    2. stonework for patio areas
    3. retaining walls
    4. wooden structures
    5. ornamental iron



Beautification is not the only advantage of making improvements outdoors. Energy savings and an increase of up to 28% of home value is a benefit as well. The Department of Energy reports that two or three well-placed trees could save a homeowner between $100 and $250 a year in energy costs. As far as home value, a 6% to 7% increase can be achieved by simply taking your landscaping from good to excellent, says a Clemson University study of homes in Greenville, S.C.

Even if you’re planning to move soon, hiring a landscaper is a wise investment. Agents suggest spending 1% or 2% of your home’s value on landscaping during a 30 to 60-day sale cycle to help make your home more marketable.

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