Keep Your Family Safe with These Four Tips for Removing Mold from Your Home

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Keep Your Family Safe with These Four Tips for Removing Mold from Your Home


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Every year, tens of thousands of American households are affected by toxic mold infestation. With its ability to cause permanent asthma, worsen the effects of seasonal allergies, and even cause death in extreme instances, regular mold inspection should be a priority for keeping your home in good shape and your family healthy.

If after an inspection you find that you have household mold, you should take immediate steps to rid your home of it. Here are four tips from experts in household mold removal for staying safe and effectively removing invasive mold from your home.

Four Tips for Treating Household Mold from Mold Removal Experts

  1. Ventilation Has to Be a Priority
  2. As the celebrity home improvement expert Bob Vila suggests, your first priority when trying to kick mold out of your home should be proper ventilation. Use tape and plastic sheeting to close off the air vents leading into different parts of your home as you work the mold out of your air ducts. Open the windows and use multiple fans to create a vacuum that will suck the mold-laden air from your home. Also, be sure you wear a mask while scrubbing the mold away; the last thing you need is to breathe fresh spores into your lungs.

  3. Hot Soap and Water Are Never Enough
  4. Too many homeowners think that scrubbing away the mold from the surface of their walls and ceilings with soap and hot water will be enough to defeat the infestation. However, as The Family Handyman suggests, this will only temporarily get rid of the problem. You need to instead use an antimicrobial spray that soaks into your surfaces. Not only will this get rid of the visible mold, but it will help get rid of whatever is under the surface, too.

  5. Use Natural Products When You Can
  6. The last thing you need to be doing when getting rid of household mold is making your environment even more unhealthy to live in. That’s why the experts with the natural living website Care 2 put so much emphasis on using natural mold removal solutions whenever possible. Vinegar, for instance, is estimated to kill 82% of known molds when applied topically. It may not get rid of the more virulent strains, but it will certainly help in most instances, without adversely affecting your health in the process.

  7. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Do It Alone
  8. If you’ve tried the above methods and nothing seems to work or you simply feel uncomfortable trying to get rid of your household mold without any sort of expertise, don’t worry; there are professional mold removal services that exist to help homeowners get rid of even the most rampant mold infestations. You just need to ask for help. Just be sure to do your research on any service you’re considering before choosing a company.

Do you run a company that specializes in home mold removal? What are some tips you’d give homeowners? Let us know in the comments below. Learn more.

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