Is Your Home Looking a Little Outdated? Use These Simple Interior Design Tips to Spruce It Up


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If you’re a homeowner, you know that feeling comfortable in and proud of your home is both a matter of making the exterior look great and staying at the edge of interior design. Unfortunately, because of the way the economy had been from 2008 to very recently, very few homeowners were interested in sinking money into renovations or other interior design improvement projects.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home staging and attract home buyers or you simply want to feel pride whenever you look at your home, now is the time to make the change. With home sales picking up and unemployment rates showing an overall downward trend, why not make now the time you implement the best kitchen design or that for other rooms in your home?

Three Easy Interior Design Ideas to Put the Spark Back into Your Home

  1. Install Dimmers for Your Lighting
  2. For House Beautiful, there are few changes more simple that you can make to improve your interior design than installing dimmer switches for the lights in your house. Imagine, a dimmer switch in your living room will let you set the perfect romantic ambiance for a movie night in, and that’s only the beginning of the possibilities!

  3. Toss out the Placeholder Pieces and Get What You’ve Always Wanted
  4. We’re all guilty of finding a piece of junk furniture or decorations to serve as placeholders. The problem? We too often leave those pieces in our homes — forever. recommends a simple fix to this problem: toss out all of that junk and head to your local IKEA or other budget home store. You’ll be floored once you see how much cheap replacements can transform all of your spaces.

  5. Take a Tip from Your Favorite Literature or Cinema
  6. If you’re struggling to find interior design ideas you can love, try taking inspiration from your favorite book or movie. Now, we’re not suggesting you transform your living room into Middle Earth; however, a few decorations and a color scheme that make you think of your favorite world can go a long way in making you feel at home.

Are you an interior design expert? What tips would you give homeowners look to bring that something special back to their homes? Check out this site for more:

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