How’s Your Roof Looking Lately?

How’s Your Roof Looking Lately?


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Have you checked on your roof lately? While roofs seem to be built to last, roofing maintenance is an integral part of ensuring both your home’s structural integrity is intact and your home maintenance costs are as low as possible.

Flat or Sloped?
The first question you have to ask yourself regards the type of roof you have. If you have a flat roof, for example, your roof may require more maintenance. This is because flat roofs tend to accumulate more weight from weather and debris, leading for more flat roof leaks and damage. If your roof is sloped, it requires less maintenance but still a significant amount from time to time.

For Flat Roofs…
To avoid flat roof repairs, flat roofing companies recommend keeping your flat roof drains and scuppers as clear as possible at all times. During seasons with heavy leaf, rain and debris fall risk, be sure to sweep your flat roof whenever possible. To prevent leaks, apply flat roof coating for better security and a less permeable roof.

For sloping roofs…
When it comes to sloping roofs, there are many ways to maintain your roof. One way to do so is by always cleaning downspouts and making sure gutters are clear of debris, ensuring that there is ample space for water to move through them. As a preventative measure, walk the perimeter of your home and examine the ground for any fallen or broken shingles, as this may be indicative of roofing damage. It is also important to keep in mind how old your roof is. While re-roofing can seem expensive, an old roof is difficult to sustain for long and a new roof could save more than just expensive home damage repairs — it could save lives.

Yearly inspections
Whether you need the help of residential or commercial roofing repairs, it is essential to get an inspection each year. Residential and commercial roofing repairs companies know and understand your roof, and will be able to assess them adequately and safely.

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