How to Stay Safe in the Construction Zone

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How to Stay Safe in the Construction Zone


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Trying to find out about construction equipment rental requirements can be difficult even when you are in the industry. There are certain regulations and requirements that you have to meet when trying to rent construction equipment. It’s important to follow these regulations because equipment rental procedures usually involve safety procedures and policies that are crucial to avoiding accidents. Here are some other ways that you can make sure that everyone stays safe in the construction zone.

Wearing Safety Gear
This includes goggles, steel toed boots, helmets, gloves, reflective vests or jackets and other requirements, depending on the type of work that is being done. It might be cumbersome to wear all of these things but it’s better to wear them and be inconvenienced than not and get hurt. Wearing safety gear should be one of the main things that your workers have to do besides the regular daily safety protocols like checking the equipment before using it, etc. This will help to keep them safer than they realize. If you think you aren’t in any danger because there haven’t been any accidents, that’s a good sign that safety protocols are being followed and not to allow things to slip.

Attending Regular Safety Courses
Everyone needs a refresher every once in awhile. Everyone couple of months, it should be a requirement for every worker to sit through a safety class or course. Even for just a day. It’s recommended that the class be a paid day so that the workers not dread it or resent it. It might even be looked forward to because it will give them a day off of the manual labor. It might also help to bring mental refreshing by taking them out of the every day routine and while still doing something productive, rest their minds and bodies on a day when they would normally be hard at work.

Implementing Consequences
If someone fails to adhere to safety protocol there should be consequences that they have to face. If there is a stepping scale, it might show them how serious this is. For example, if someone consistently isn’t checking equipment rental, you could give them a verbal warning first, a written warning and then suspension and then firing. If someone cares about their job and their own safety then they will get the hint with the verbal warning and if not that, then definitely with the written and you probably won’t even get to the suspending stage much less firing. And if you do end up reaching that point with certain workers, at least you are weeding out the workers that you can’t trust.

Having a Foreman on Site
Something about having the boss around makes people work harder, safer and more efficiently. They’ll be a lot more likely to adhere to safety policies and codes if they think that a supervisor could pop up at any moment and catch them red handed. While it is even better to just not hire people that will not work when management is not around; unfortunately, the fact of human nature is that most people don’t have the energy to put their best foot forward and give 100% at all times. That’s the only point of having a day or two off every week; to rejuvenate. But manual labor is a hard job with long hours and that can get tiring quickly.

Not Cutting Corners
Every day there are things that have to be checked. This can get mundane. Especially when you check the heavy equipment every day and every day there is nothing and they function perfectly. However, it’s the laws of nature that the one day that you cut corners and don’t properly check a piece of equipment, it malfunctions and someone gets hurt. You could check it 364 days out of the year but that one day that you don’t, that’s the day that an accident will occur. It’s also important to check equipment rental to make sure that you aren’t damaging it during usage.

By keeping safe, you are considering families, civilian and your business. If you have a reputation for having accidents on the job, you won’t get very many customers calling you to hire your company.

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