How to Remodel a Bathroom for Handicap Access

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How to Remodel a Bathroom for Handicap Access


To make bathroom modifications that will improve your bathroom’s accessibility, it’s a good idea to hire a good bathroom remodeling company. With their assistance, you can come up with a layout that will work out perfectly and serve you well for a long time to come. The experts that you hire should know the details of safe and accessible toilet construction so that they can do a good job that meets requirements. This should be the case with or without your supervision, but it’s important for you to know the details so that you can ask for amendments to be made if necessary.

Make sure that you have a checklist of everything that you need, looking into additions like a wheelchair-accessible tub. You may also want to know more about ADA requirements for mirrors in bathrooms and more so that you can end up with a job that meets the safety regulation standards in the area where you live. This will be well worth the price that you pay, so make sure that you look for professionals who can deliver, finding out by asking them before you hire them. The results will be a bathroom that you may not need to remodel again in the near future.


Most homes do not come equipped for handicapped access. This can be problematic for those who need such accommodations. One of the major remodeling project that is necessary to undertake is designing a handicapped bathroom. Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling that may help you along this task.

First and foremost, it is important to get proper measurements. When people are considering ideas for bathroom remodeling, width of the doorway is not always first on the agenda. It is however a crucial measurement for designing handicap bathrooms. It is imperative for the doorway to be large enough to allow the necessary equipment to pass through. In many cases, the width of an average doorway will not have been designed with those considerations.

Bathroom remodeling design

Bathroom remodeling designs should also take into consideration
the height of each of the bathroom fixtures as they may need to be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the individual. For instance, bathroom remodel designs for an individual in a wheel chair should feature a toilet seat that is between 15 and 19 inches from the ground to provide easier accessibility. Additional ideas for bathroom remodeling may include having a skin that is open underneath for individuals in wheelchairs to pull directly up to the sink.

More ideas for bathroom remodeling can be found online.

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