How to Keep Your Next Barbecue Mosquito Free

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How to Keep Your Next Barbecue Mosquito Free


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After a long winter nothing is better than a much needed backyard barbecue. Unfortunately warm weather doesn’t just mean, green grass, pool side parties and baseball. It’s inevitable; once the sun comes out, that bugs will come out as well. Nothing can put the brakes on a family barbecue faster than unwanted insects. One of the most insidious being the dreaded mosquito. Where a couple of ants might ruin the picnic, mosquitoes can bring some serious illness to the party. Mosquitoes have historically been the carriers for some nasty pathogens including, Malaria, West Nile virus and, more recently, the Zika virus. It’s almost ironic that this almost invisible flying insect can cause such damage. Luckily, at home mosquito pest control can be simple and effective. To make sure you enjoy your summer fully, take the extra time to bug guard your home and backyard.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

As with most things, prevention is the greater part of the cure. Mosquitoes love damp dark places to lay their eggs. The easiest fix for this is to make sure that you keep your lawn and garden trimmed to take away possible breeding places. Don’t leave standing water and puddles on or around your property. Another natural pest control method is to use mosquito repelling plants around your home and garden. There are several different varieties that can work in your particular climate. If chemicals aren’t an issue for you, there are several sprayable pesticides and foggers that can clear out mosquito nests. For a short term solution using citronella candles can deter the blood suckers from biting your dinner guests.

The Best Defense on the Go

Even if you are on top of your mosquito squashing game at home, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll run into one of those flying blood suckers on the go. The next time you are venturing out into possible hostile mosquito territory here are a few repellent tips.

    Dryer Sheets: Some studies have shown that dryer sheets help to repel mosquitoes.

    Essential Oils: There are several essentials that can keep mosquitoes at bay, such as thyme and clove oil.

    Mosquito Repellants with DEET: It might seem scary, but mosquito repellents with DEET are the most effective, just use caution and read the instructions.

When it comes down to it, you don’t need to call in the heavy pest control guns when dealing with your backyard mosquito problem. A little bit of common sense and maintenance can turn anyone into a mosquito exterminator.

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