How Outdoor Lighting Improves The Feel Of Your Home And Encourages Better Mental Wellness

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How Outdoor Lighting Improves The Feel Of Your Home And Encourages Better Mental Wellness


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How often do you think about lighting and the effect it has on your psychology? Probably not very often. After all, light is such a common element in our daily lives it would be much like thinking about air or water — just another detail! However, the lighting both inside and outside your home plays a major part in setting your mood. It affects how good you feel about yourself and those you invite over. It can even influence how productive you are at any given time of day! Landscape lighting is an entire industry and one that’s beginning to thrive over the years as homeowners become more aware of the effect their homes have on them everyday.

By the time you’re finished reading about the side-effects outdoor lighting has on homeowners, you’ll be coming up with more home makeover ideas than you can shake a stick at.

How Is The Lighting Industry Faring?

Think outdoor lighting and indoor lighting is just a small niche that nobody is too invested in? Think again. Your average landscape lighting company has their work cut out for them! According to a U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Study provided earlier this year, nearly half of all homeowners make outdoor renovations — even more significantly, the majority of these changes are upgrades to their outdoor lighting. What kind of lighting? Let’s take a look.

Why Should I Try LED Lighting?

There’s as reason why LED lighting has been leading the pack. LEDs use only 15% of the energy your standard halogen light uses. Not only that, it can provide up to 80% (even 85%) more light output. All in all, they’re a much more economically efficient option for homeowners who want to leave a positive environmental impact while still getting the lighting they want. According to, LEDs becoming the norm by 2027 could save as much electricity produced by 44 large electric plants!

What Do People Use Outdoor Lighting For?

Why the fuss about lighting, anyway? Isn’t it just for illuminating a given space? Well…yes and no. While light is used to better navigate your surroundings, it has been proven to have a noticeable effect on your mood and well-being. Over 70% of homeowners say that they actively use their outdoor spaces for either relaxing or entertaining guests. Effective, pretty and relaxing lighting can make you feel much more at home than poor lighting or harsh lighting.

What Kind Of Outdoor Lighting Is There?

There are many fun and creative ways for you to spruce up your outdoor spaces, from your porch to your patio to your front sidewalk. Over 80% of Americans believe having a well-maintained yard is an important feature, while 90% of those with a yard actively try to keep it as green and lush as possible all throughout the year. An additional study back in 2016 saw over 70% of respondents hiring a professional for their outdoor lighting. For ideas on where to start, keep reading…

Could My Home Benefit From A Renovation?

Outdoor lighting gives your home some dazzle. It helps illuminate your spaces for easier navigation, creates a warm glow to make your guests feel at ease and even improves your psychological state. In NAHB’s annual ‘What Home Buyers Really Want’ survey, over 40% of the respondents actively considered exterior lighting as a must-have. You can try using light strings around your fence or deck for a twinkling appearance, while LED lights are both strong enough to shine throughout the dark as well as save you money.

Consider looking into St Louis landscape lighting for all your landscape lighting needs. Your house, your guests and your mental health will all appreciate that healthy glow!

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