Helping Your Air Conditioner Keep its Cool

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Helping Your Air Conditioner Keep its Cool


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Though likely taken for granted, HVAC systems are extremely important to many people, particularly during the hot summer months and the cold winter months. In fact, many can’t even imagine life without air conditioners during the summer.
Yet despite their commonality, many fail to realize how important HVAC maintenance truly is. On average, a central air conditioner is supposed to last 15-20 years. But without regular air conditioner service and maintenance, their lifespan will decrease dramatically. Luckily, there are a few ways to maintain your air conditioner, increasing its shelf life and effectively helping to decrease your utility bills by as much as 50%.

What’s My Age Again?
Like that old beloved Blink 182 song, it’s important to check the age of your air conditioner every now and again. If it’s over 12 years old and you haven’t gotten an inspection or air conditioner repair service recently, then it’s time to consider calling an HVAC professional. You may even need to replace your air conditioner; although that seems expensive, buying an energy efficient air conditioner can cut your utility bills in half.

Change the Filter
Air conditioner filters help to remove the pollutants, allergens, and toxins from the air. When you fail to change the filter regularly, you begin to breathe in the pollutants the filter trapped in the first place. As part of HVAC maintenance, and even with home furnace repairs, changing the filter is essential to having an efficient and low cost piece of equipment.

Get an Inspection
From air conditioner repairs to home furnace installation, professional HVAC services know and understand the workings of HVAC systems, and will know exactly what needs to be updated and repaired.
And speaking of home furnace installation, with winter coming, get ready to take care of your furnace, too!

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