Heating Your Home This Winter With Fireplace Heat

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Heating Your Home This Winter With Fireplace Heat


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Many states are already experiencing the beginning cold of the winter. Temperatures in many states have dropped to below freezing, especially in the evenings. Homeowners in these states have already dusted off the furnace and turned them on for heating. Others have already begun their firewood collections, prepping for a long winter of firewood burning. Firewood is a great alternative to traditional heating, because it is cost effective and better for the environment. However, obtaining enough firewood to last through the long winter can be tough for some. There are a few available options for supplementing firewood.

Collect firewood all year long. Some homeowners do not begin collecting firewood until the fall months. They may also burn a lot of their summer firewood supply during the warm, summer months for bon fires. If you notice a shortage of firewood during the winter months, attempt to start the winter firewood collection earlier in the year. By the winter months, you should have enough to get through a very cold winter year.

Find a local firewood supply store. Some cities may have local stores that sell firewood. The cost of the firewood is generally minimal, and is almost always cheaper than traditional heat sources, such as a furnace. Homeowners may be able to find firewood that is more efficient at these specialty stores. Higher efficient firewood burns longer and lasts longer. Seasoned wood burns better and provides about 20% more heat value than green wood, according to New Mexico State University. You may not have as much choice when using the wood from your own yard.

You can find a local firewood supply store by asking around or doing a search online. If you live in the Chicago area, for example, you will want to look for Chicago firewood supply stores or a Chicago firewood delivery service may be useful for residents who are local to Chicago, but may be too far away to frequently visit the city of Chicago for the firewood supplies.

Keep firewood supply in a dry place. Nothing ruins a firewood supply more than a consistent wet storage location. Wet firewood does not burn very well. The winter months are often full of inches of snow and consistent snow fall. If your firewood storage supply area is outdoor, with no shelter, you will be unable to use a large portion of your firewood, when needed. Storing the firewood in a garage or storage shed can be more helpful. When wood reaches a moisture content (MC) of less than 30%, it will burn properly and release the optimum stored BTU?s (heat).

Arrange for a firewood delivery service. If you rely on local firewood stores for your supply of firewood, you may forget to purchase it one day. You could be left in the cold, until you have a chance to return to the store. It is also possible that the store with firewood for sale will sell out in especially tough winters. Arranging for a firewood delivery ensures that you have enough firewood, when you need it.

You may also have more of an ability to specify specific types and to customize your firewood delivery. If you prefer dried seasoned wood over green wood, for example, you can arrange to have this delivered. You can also specify how often you want to have your wood delivered. You can supplement your own firewood supply in your yard with a delivery, to ensure that you will be warm and toasty all winter long. It is also a great option for alternative heat, if your firewood supply is too moist for usage. Freshly cut wood can be up to 45% water, while well seasoned wood generally has a 20 to 25% moisture content.

Whether we like it or not, winter will be here before we know it. Most homeowners in the north will be attempting to properly heat their homes for comfort. Traditional energy uses can get expensive and can be bad for the environment. Trading out the furnace?s heat for fireplace heat can be more cost effective. You can ensure that you have enough firewood for the winter by using a firewood delivery.

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