Give Your Room a Face Lift

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Give Your Room a Face Lift


Installing carpet

While some people are lucky enough to buy a house that is perfectly decorated to suit their tastes, most people find that they would prefer to renovate their home at some point in their lives. Home renovation can be a great time for homeowners to showcase their personalities and interests while improving their surroundings.

Many home renovations begin with changing the wall coverings. A new coat of paint can work wonders to change the entire look of a room. Tearing out dated wallpaper or wood paneling and installing wainscoting or boarders is an easy update. Adding an accent wall in a contrasting color is a popular way to create visual interest in a room, and adding patterns such as chevron or polka dots really makes an accent wall pop.

Flooring options are another easy way to change the feel of a room. While carpeting will make a room seem soft and inviting, hardwood flooring and tile flooring evoke images of class and dignity. For mudrooms and playrooms, a variety of fun linoleum floor installations are available in bright colors and bold patterns. Flooring options are limited only by the homeowner’s vision for the home.

Window treatments and furniture changes are less-permanent ways to change a home’s interior decor. A light, airy kitchen may benefit from bamboo blinds, tables, and chairs, with a crisp linen curtain, while a formal dining room would use heavier wood for the furniture and a brocade or damask fabric for the curtains. Furniture can be arranged to fit a room’s theme, as well. From plush bohemian floor pillows to a homey gingham sofa, there is sure to be a focus piece for any room.

Whether you are doing a complete kitchen renovation, updating your flooring options, or simply putting up a new coat of paint, interior decorating is a quick and easy way to make a home reflect the sensibilities of the homeowner. Feel free to leave your own home renovation ideas in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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