Four Signs that Your Business May Need New Commercial Windows and Doors

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Four Signs that Your Business May Need New Commercial Windows and Doors


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Could your business use a facelift? When it comes to a brick and mortar establishment, sometimes it’s not your product that’s driving customers away. Sometimes it’s the building itself. If you find that the exterior of your store, restaurant, office, or other type of business isn’t as welcoming to customers as you would like, it may be time to upgrade it by replacing your commercial windows and doors.

Just as replacing the windows and doors to your home can add serious value to your property, the same goes for the windows and doors to your business. Here are some signs that you may need new commercial windows and doors.

    1. Your energy bill is too high. If you find that you just can’t keep your business heated in the winter, or it takes forever for the air conditioner to kick in in the summer, then it might be time to replace your doors and windows. Energy bills are high enough as it is. Replacing your commercial windows and doors with energy efficient models can help reduce drafts and keep the heat and cool air inside your business where it belongs.

    2. Your doors and windows are damaged. If you see cracked glass or damage around the edge of the window or door, then it’s time to replace it. Cracked glass can present a serious hazard to anyone around it, and damage around doors and windows can leads to drafts, pests, and water entering your business. Get these problems examined and get a quote for a replacement as soon as possible.

    3. Your business has had a break-in. If you have doors and windows that present a security risk to your business, it’s time to get them upgraded. Consider getting commercial grade windows and commercial exterior doors with safety features such as bulletproof glass and secure entry. Ask a professional installer about your options to keep your business safe.

    4. Your automatic door systems are no longer working. If you notice problems with your automatic entrance doors, it’s probably time to replace them. Automation for commercial entrance doors is excellent for maintaining an accessible and welcome business. If your automatic opening doors aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, talk to an installer about repairs and replacements.

Have more questions about updating your commercial windows and doors? Talk to a professional today. If you’ve had to replace windows and doors for your commercial property before, let us know about it in the comments section. Find more on this topic here:

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