Four Reasons to Hire Commerical Cleaners

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Four Reasons to Hire Commerical Cleaners


If you have a small business, you’re definitely looking for ways to maximize profit while minimizing expenses. Your margins could even be razor thin. Is hiring a commercial cleaning company even something that should be on your radar? Maybe, and here’s why:

It Could Be a False Economy Not To

It might look on paper like you’re saving money by not hiring a cleaning company, but let’s face it: someone has to do the cleaning. Bathrooms need to be cleaned, paper products need to be kept in supply, desks need to be sanitized, kitchens need to be wiped down and dishes washed, and floors need to be vacuumed and mopped.

If you’re currently asking one of your employees to do this, one of two things is happening. Either you’re already paying for a non-professional to do this for you (and you as a businessperson know what happens when you get amateurs to do a job: it doesn’t get done as well or as quickly), or you’re not paying them extra but are still losing money by asking them to stop doing what they’re good at in order to do something they can’t do as efficiently.

Hiring a business cleaning service doesn’t have to break the bank, and a commercial cleaning company can do the job far more efficiently than Alan from accounting or Sue from IT.

You Can Cut Down on Sick Days

Germs and viruses can live for extended periods of time in a work environment. The average work chair, keyboard, and mouse have 21,000 germs per square inch, and the desk itself is probably hosting about 10 million living bacteria. If this isn’t bad enough, half of us are eating at our desks in a germ-ridden environment we’d never tolerate if it were our own kitchen table.

Regular cleaning helps get rid of these and protects you and your office from valuable lost time due to illness. Currently, Americans lose about 50 million workdays a year due to the common cold alone, and statistics show that just regularly disinfecting the desk can mean 30% fewer sick days for the average office.

You Create a More Welcoming Environment

When the office is clean, employees are more productive and happy. The air is cleaner and easier to breathe, and this makes a statistically verifiable difference to the productivity of the average person.

Not only is it better for your employees, but regular cleaning by a commercial cleaning company also makes the office more inviting for potential clients and partners. It helps you project a professional atmosphere. After all, if you care about the little things (like the crumbs on your carpet) then you will probably care about the big things, too (your clients!).

Long-Term Savings

If you don’t get a regular cleaning by a professional cleaning company, the negative effects will accumulate over time. As dust builds up in places where your average employee won’t be thinking to look (on blinds, on the tops of shelves, on the back of printers) air quality will steadily deteriorate and your appliances will suffer.

Computers will start to work hotter as they fill with dust, and eventually many appliances like fax machines, printers, and computers will die earlier than they should. A badly-stained or wet carpet that isn’t dealt with quickly and properly can result in a mold issue that will require an expensive carpet replacement.

These are just a few of the reasons you need carpet and floor cleaning and other commercial cleaning services, even if you have a small business. Talk to a commercial cleaning company near you and find out what your options are for affordable cleaning services.

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