Finishing Your Basement for Additional Living Space

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Finishing Your Basement for Additional Living Space


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Many homes in the country have basements. However, many of these basements vary in type. Some basements are used specifically for storage and for things like the furnace and the water heater. Others are used for minimal living space, because they are not fully finished. Some basements, very few, are used for additional living space in a home. Basements offer a great option for homeowners to add additional living and entertaining space to their homes. Space is always something that people want to increase in their homes, and a basement if a perfect opportunity to do so. Basement remodeling can make this possible, by finishing the walls and the flooring and potentially adding additional rooms. There are many options available with a basement remodel.

Some basements are fully finished already, making a basement remodeling project easier. However, some of them are only partially finished and some are not finished at all. Basement finishing is necessary to make additional living space. This process often involves putting drywall on the walls, covering the ceiling parts and installing new flooring. All electrical outlets and wirings will also need to be completely covered. Once all of these things are completed, the basement can be used for entertaining and for any other desired purposes.

Basement remodeling opens up the ability for other home remodeling projects. A bathroom remodel is a great project that can add value and desirability to a home. In fact, according to a National Association of Home Builders Survey, bathroom remodeling is the job most requested in the United States, accounting for 78% of renovations. A finished basement can also include a bathroom remodel. If a homeowner wants to increase their living space by finishing their basement, then a bathroom is usually a great additional to the additional living space. Many basement remodeling projects also include a bathroom addition.

Not only does living basement area s add value to a home, an addition of a basement bathroom will also increase the value of the home. Bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% return on investment. This is a great ROI, making the bathroom addition even more worth it. Many homeowners will also complete necessary basement updates while renovating their basements. Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills.

Another option with basement remodeling projects is room additions. Growing families may find it tight all living on one floor together. When a basement is fully finished and includes a bathroom, additional rooms can also be included. These rooms can be renovated into additional bedrooms. If a basement bedroom meets all of the minimum requirements of a bedroom, this will also greatly increase the value of the home. It will also give some family members their own space, increasing the satisfaction of the family members.

A lot of homes have unused basements. They may be unused because they are not fully finished, and are not comfortable entertaining or living spaces. A fully finished basement can add many benefits and perks to a homeowner. It can increase the amount of living space, force them to complete necessary home updates and can increase the value of the home. It can also provide the option to add a bathroom or additional bedrooms to the house. Basement remodeling is a great project that can really add value and desire to a home.

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