Figure Out Your Flooring Needs

Figure Out Your Flooring Needs


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When looking at ways to increase the value of your home new carpeting is an excellent price. When buying new carpet make sure to work with a retailer who can offer you a competitive carpet installation price. You can also find out whether you should use hardwood floor or carpet throughout your house.

Historically the word carpet was also used for table and wall coverings as floor covering made of fabric was not common in Europe until the 18th century with the opening of trade routes to Persia. Carpet is often used interchangeably with the term rug. Rugs are often smaller and carpets have finished ends.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and highly renewable source of material. Because it is a grass bamboo grows much faster than wood at rate of up to 47 inches in 24 hours. Bamboo is an attractive alternative for flooring because of its physical similarities to hardwood. Bamboo flooring information can be found at your local hardwood flooring installer.

Chilewich brand flooring tiles are PVC-free. They contain 82% pre- and post-consumer content and can be installed with Velcro. Chilewich is stain resistant and easy to clean when recommended procedures are followed.

The name Linoleum comes from the Latin names of two of its primary ingredients linum (“flax”) and oleum (“oil”). “Linoleum” was the first product name to become a generic term doing so after only 14 years in the marketplace. The finest linoleum is extremely durable and can be used in a variety of buildings. Linoleum can be used in places where a more rigid material would crack.

If you are looking to do a home renovation project the flooring is an excellent place to start. Do you research to find not only the right kind of flooring but a retailer who offers the lowers carpet installation price. The results of the renovation will be noticeable for years. References:

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