Estonian Company Creates Automatic Device to Adjust Venetian Blinds

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Estonian Company Creates Automatic Device to Adjust Venetian Blinds



The benefits of window treatments are clear to most homeowners and renters, especially when it comes to the managing light and temperature in a room. However, almost every type of product available, from window curtains to Venetian blinds, has one drawback: to get these benefits, you inevitably have to adjust your window treatments throughout the day to get the perfect amount of sunlight. Fortunately, an Estonian company may have found a way to solve this problem. The company, called Comfee, has created a device that automatically adjusts Venetian blinds to allow the perfect amount of light to enter your home.

In many countries around the world, the concept of “smart homes” has become increasingly popular, especially as improving technology has allowed people to have more control over their living spaces. This interest has extended to window treatment trends, with many companies producing window shades and other products that can be controlled with a remote or even an app. But while these products are usually centered around the window treatments themselves, Comfee’s device is a small white box that can easily be clipped to Venetian blinds and quickly removed if necessary. And instead of using a remote or an app, the product uses light intensity, weather conditions, temperature and other factors to automatically decide when and how to move the blinds. It can even learn the user’s preferences so that they don’t have to repeatedly make adjustments. Additionally, the device is accessible from any internet-enabled device, allowing users to manage their home’s heat and light even when they are not at home.

Comfee is owned and operated by a Bulgarian family living in Estonia, including two brothers with experience in software engineering and architectural design. Currently, their device is being tested by 100 beta-testers around the world who participated in an Indiegogo campaign the company held. However, they plan to introduce their product to the US market next year, and also plans to distribute the device in Canada, the UK, Australia, Greece and Turkey. If you have been thinking about purchasing new Venetian blinds but have been dreading making constant adjustments, this could be your perfect excuse to invest in new blinds!

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