Essential Solar Energy Facts Homeowners Need to Know!


Solar panel roof mounting

Although solar power has been available for residential purposes since the 1950s, a study conducted by Statistic Brain found that less than 1% of the world’s energy is derived via solar power. But solar power is so efficient that the entire planet earth could be powered by covering only about .0005% of its surface with solar panels.

Since solar panel production costs less than $2.00 per square foot, the infrastructure needed for pervasive solar power usage would only a fraction of the cost just to extract fossil fuels from the earth. Additionally, solar power is the most renewable energy source available. In fact, even places like Seattle, London, and the Northeastern United States gets plenty of sunlight to make a considerable difference.

Now that solar energy capacity is increasing by more than 100% per year, there is no better time than the present for homeowners to invest in solar panel mounting systems, and begin the conversion to solar energy. But how much are solar panels, you ask? Well, that question has sort of already been answered, but you are probably more interested in knowing how many of how many square feet a residential solar panel has to be.

Of course, the size of solar panels needed for a specific home always varies, but you can bet that it is a lot more affordable than continuing to power your home via fossil fuels and municipal electrical systems. While there is no denying the fact that converting from your current system to a solar panel system can be a significant investment, the combination of energy savings and money savings will probably make it well worth the expense.

When it comes to powering your home with solar energy, the issue is less about how much are solar panels, and more to do with how much you are interested in saving money in the long run. Furthermore, if conserving energy and decreasing your environmental footprint is important to you, then converting to solar energy should be a no-brainer.

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