Arizona Pool Fencing Companies for the Good of Your Neighborhood

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Arizona Pool Fencing Companies for the Good of Your Neighborhood


Automatic pool safety cover

One of the best perks of sunny summer weather is going swimming. Whether you’re heading to the beach or poolside, it’s a great feeling to escape the heat by going for a dip. And aside from the obvious pleasure of relief from the sweltering sun, everyone’s beach or pool experience is tailored to what they enjoy most. Take a peek into a number of different beach bags and you will probably see the standard towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen, but apart from that, you could add just about anything to your adventure and only end up improving it.

Your unique style for enjoying summer activities
Maybe you never head to your swimming hole of choice without your favorite inflatable raft, or a good book to enjoy under your umbrella or on your lounge chair. Maybe your swim outing just isn’t complete without some snacks or a picnic, and your beverage of choice, whether it is lemonade, beer, cocktails or good old hydrating water. Whatever the case may be, you are prepared for a day of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. You know how you want your day to go. And it makes it that much better if your favorite swimming hole is actually your very own pool in your own backyard. Summer indulgence from the sanctuary of your own home, who wouldn’t love that?

But if that’s the case, there are some other significant factors that should come into play that might not be at the forefront of your mind while you’re popping between catching rays and diving in, such as the safety of your pool when you are not around.

How Arizona pool fencing companies can help
In Arizona, one of the hottest states, pools are just about as standard as any typical home appliance or piece of furniture. People need a break from the sometimes oppressive heat, and what better way to catch that break than heading to your backyard for a quick dip in your pool? But people are beginning to realize that Arizona pool fencing companies are just as important, if not more so, than the companies that install the pools in the first place. Cooling down is generally a luxury, or a matter of comfort, and yes sometimes it can come down to saving lives in extreme cases. But properly installing fences around pools is a clear life-saving endeavor, particularly for those homes or neighborhoods with small children.

How necessary are Arizona pool fencing companies?
Arizona pool fencing companies play a not so subtle role in preventing a lot of tragedies from occurring. Most responsible pool owners will take steps to protect their children from pool dangers, from having strict rules about the types and times of activities related to the pool, to having pool safety covers. But it doesn’t hurt to take the additional steps to include an extra safety measure. It has been shown that a properly installed pool fence can reduce the risk of drowning, especially for small children. Over half of all the unfortunate cases of children drowning might have been prevented, had there been a four sided fence separating the pool from the rest of the yard and the house.

Playing it safe
Over one four year period, there were an average of just over 3,500 accidental drownings each year that were not related to boating. That works out to about 10 deaths each day. There are many different factors that could come into play with these incidents, but one sure thing is that a good barrier around pools is a good deterrent for young children who may not understand the risks. Most good pool fences will be a minimum of four feet high, gates that open outward and are self closing as well as self latching, and have those latches at a height that are too high for little hands to find. The barrier should completely surround the pool, as a fence with four sides can reduce the risk of a child drowning about 83% when you compare it to three sided fencing on property lines.

It’s good to indulge in your favorite summer activity, but it’s even better to protect your loved ones and neighbors from very real risks.

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