Are You Ready to Install New Carpet in Your Home?

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Are You Ready to Install New Carpet in Your Home?


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Most things about the house still look really good. Even though the family of four has lived in the home for 18 years now, the furniture, the decorating, the wood flooring, and the painted walls look in really good condition. Only one thing has really shown the wear and tear of two girls growing up in this home. The carpet. Even though you were good about having it cleaned once every couple of years when you first moved in, the cleaning hasn’t happened now in six years and the carpet is in pretty bad shape in a couple of areas. It’s the high traffic area that connects the front door to the kitchen and the stairs that are the very worst. It is time to make a change and an investment in some new carpet installation.
The benefits of carpet installation by professionals are difficult to ignore. A professional carpet installation can cover every step in the process. From ripping up the old carpet and padding, to hauling away the carpet that can’t be reused elsewhere in the home, to the installation of the new padding and carpet selection, contracting with a professional can help you guarantee a completed job that you will like.
Before you hire a contractor though you first need to make some major selection decisions. For example, carpet padding designed for a home is usually between five and eight pounds per cubic foot. A qualified and knowledgable salesperson can help you decide which weight is best for you, your home, and your family. Some of the thickest carpet padding is typically 1/2 inch, but also comes in a thinner 1/4 inch option. Although the padding decision is a necessity, the most fun part of the new purchase is often making the carpet and color and selection. Carpet designs and carpet textures are available in a wide range of colors and prices.
Carpeting is a great flooring option for many areas in your home. Many homeowners, however, especially like carpeting as an option for bedrooms. In a Houzz Magazine survey, for example, 38% said they plan to carpet their master bedroom. Where else might you plan to use carpeting in your home? Whether you are building a new house, or are in the process of remodeling and updating an existing home, carpet installation will likely be a part of your project.

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