4 Tips for Achieving a Modern Kitchen Design With a High ROI

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4 Tips for Achieving a Modern Kitchen Design With a High ROI


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The current preferred style of kitchen today is modern. The modern look is open, clean, and recognizable. It often includes mostly generic colored designs, sometimes with one or two bright pops of color. How can you create the perfect, modern styled kitchen? Do you have to stick with dull colors? What are the best modern designs that will also improve the efficiency and usage of your kitchen? There are actually many ways to personalize your kitchen to meet your needs, while also achieving the desirable modern kitchen design.

Choose a color pattern
Choosing a color pattern initially can be a great starting point. It gives you an idea of shades of color that you should be looking for when choosing furniture, countertops, and cabinets. Choosing a color pattern does not mean that you have use that color for everything, it simply means that you are going to design your kitchen with variations of that color. For example, grey color patterns will include white, grey, and black. A brown or neutral color pattern will include brown, tan, and white. There are also certain color pops that go better with specific color patterns. Reds, blue, and purples pair nicely with grey color patterns. Brown, black, and orange go great with brown color patterns.

Use backsplash designs for added creativity
Backsplashes were originally used for shower wall tiles and bathroom styles, but have recently made it into the kitchen. Installing a kitchen backsplash is a great way to personalize and add creativity to your overall kitchen design. Kitchen backsplash ideas are expected to be somewhat unique, so using them should not hurt your ROI. A minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%. However, the more remodel items you use that appeal to a wider market can also increase the total ROI.

Install a strong and highly rated countertop
Another thing that adds personalization and keeps the ROI consistent is the type of countertop used. Ceramic tile countertops are very common, because they are extremely durable. Porcelain tiles are fired at a temperature between 2200 to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher firing temperatures and the combination of ingredients produce an extremely dense, hard wearing, stain resistant tile. Many homeowners think of shower wall tiles when thinking about tile, but tiles also work great in the kitchen. Shower wall tiles are very resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures and a lot of moisture, making them perfect for kitchen countertops.

Install tile floors
Many homeowners are achieving the open floor plan with extending hardwood floors. However, having hardwood floors in the kitchen is not always ideal. It does not stand up against stains as well as other materials. The kitchen also sees a lot more foot traffic, causing the kitchen?s hardwood to wear down much quicker. For an extremely durable and lasting kitchen floor, kitchen tile floors may be the answer. Tile is easy to clean, is very strong, and looks great. You can even utilize the extra shower wall tiles from the bathroom remodel and use them on the kitchen floor. Just make sure that they are strong enough for heavy foot traffic.

The PEI rating of tiles indicates how strong they are, or how much wear they can stand up to. A PEI class rating of 1 means the tile is only for walls, and cannot handle foot traffic at all. A rating of 5, on the other hand, means they will withstand even the heaviest foot traffic for commercial installations, or making them perfect for kitchen floors.

Most home buyers today expect the kitchen to be open and modern. When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, it can be difficult making decisions between your style preferences and what will affect the ROI. You can still achieve that desired modern kitchen look, but with your added style preferences by using backsplash designs, tiled floors, and sturdy ceramic countertops.

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