38% of Homeowners Remodel Their Master Bedrooms Using This

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38% of Homeowners Remodel Their Master Bedrooms Using This


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Homeowners have a lot on their minds when they decide to remodel their homes. One part of the house that inevitably comes up for discussion is the floor design patterns they should use. There are a number of floor materials to choose from of course: hardwood, stone, carpet, tile, ceramic, etc. Of those, carpet is one of the most common. Think about it. Have you ever been to a house that didn’t have carpet in at least one of the rooms? In fact, a recent Houzz survey found that roughly 38% of homeowners interested in remodeling their homes plan on using carpet for their master bedrooms. Soft, fuzzy, and comfortable, carpet textures are the ideal floor covering for the more private areas of a home.

Carpet does more than just make your feet feel good, too. Carpet installations can demonstrably reduce the amount of allergens in your home. A recent study conducted in Sweden found that the use of carpet directly affects allergic reactions in a house. When carpet usage in Sweden decreased by 70%, allergic reactions increased in the country by 30%. That is a significant indication that carpet can reduce the allergens that typically infest a home. For people with mild to severe allergies, carpet floor design patterns serve more than one purpose.

Regardless of how sensitive you are to allergens, carpet padding is a popular, affordable, and convenient choice for many American homeowners. Carpet padding is anywhere from 0.25 to 0.5 inches thick, meaning that its transportation and installation is relatively straightforward. In addition, there are a number of carpet pattern choices to choose from. From a single solid color and stripes to squares and other shapes, carpet patterns can truly put the room together. For more information about carpeting and other floor materials, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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