3 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Leisure Room

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Leisure Room


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Decorating the leisure room of your home is a delicate science. Whether you’re designing a room for your anime LARPing club to meet, a spectator sport den, or a home bar, it’s important to constantly consider the “audience” of the room, run through the activities that will take place within it, and whether it has that cool factor–that little something-else that makes people eager to come to your house on the weekends. Below are a few things to keep in mind when tricking out your Bat Cave, since, much like the science that makes all the superheroes, this process can also be fun, and we want you to really get into it before blindly buying at Ikea and hoping for the best:

1. Keep The Real World Out

This is an important first step that can be achieved by investing in thoughtful window treatments and a good internal door lock. Often in the haste to get a leisure room up and running, people just stick with their old window shades, and then regret it later when the glare coming through the thick vertical blinds is messing up their DandD or Daredevil binge watching experience. If you’re looking for a cheap and efficient way to keep the light out, we heartily recommend blackout shades. Blackout shades are just what they sound like–long, dark pull-down panels designed to block all light in a space. Blackout shades are quieter and a little more subtle than blinds (aka, easier to imagine as medieval tapestries for a tabletop game day but still timeless and classic if your hobbies are more so). They come in a variety of different sizes and are easy to install on your own–just make sure you do your homework and measure the distance between the blackout shades and the glass, otherwise you’re destined for that annoying scraping sound every time a slight draft asserts itself through the window. Also, consider whether the shades will make the room a hotbox, as they do not have the reflective quality of white window treatments.

2. Think Minimalist

After you’ve chosen the perfect window treatment and deadbolt to make your leisure room a blank canvas, we want you to continue your home decor initiative with the “keep the world out” theme in mind. This means, do not fill your leisure room with a bunch of clutter that reminds you of your real life, and don’t over stuff it with furniture! In our humble opinions, the only thing a good leisure room needs is a a table, a few places to sit, and a projector or television with a good sound system. These three things cater to nearly all interests. Anything else you might need, like a full bar or a 1920s themed coat rack for your next role play session, can be brought in as required and then removed later.

3. Don’t Design Alone

If you’re stuck on a couch cover dilemma or aren’t sure which sound bar to invest in, don’t hesitate to bring a few buddies on scene for some help. Bribe them with pizza and beer and then design the leisure room you’ll all no doubt be spending a lot of time in as a group!

Overall, it’s better to think of the leisure room not as a room at all, but as a stage. You are the director of the stage, so set the scene accordingly.

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