3 Most Common Roof Problems That Require a Professional Roofer

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3 Most Common Roof Problems That Require a Professional Roofer


Roofing problems, such as damaged shingles and leaks, can be quite troublesome. It’s wise to leave them to a professional roofing contractor to ensure quality work.

Roofing projects are usually a costly endeavour for just about any homeowner. Plus, they require vast resources and hours of work to be completed. For that reason, it’s always advisable to use a professional roofer when you experience a roofing problem, including damaged flashing, roof leaks, and broken shingles. You can decide to go the DIY way only to make the problem worse, like making poor installations and using low-quality products.

Here are some of the common roofing problems that should be left to experts.

1. Roof Leaks
Leaks are usually common during the winter season, and that’s why it’s usually advisable to schedule a roof inspection before winter. This problem can occur due to old shingles, broken flashing, or damaged shingles. Roof drains and scuppers can also lead to water leaks in your home.

These leaks can end up staining or even damaging your ceiling, causing mold growth in your home, and ruining your interior design. With such problems, you’ll certainly incur additional costs to get them fixed. Instead, you can call a roofer once you notice a leaking problem. The contractor will inspect the roof, determine the cause of the problem, and recommend the ideal solution.

2. Storm Damage
Strong winds and windstorms are common in many areas, and they can really damage your roof. In some cases, you may not notice the problem, but your heating and cooling bills can indicate a possible issue in your home. Storms can cause problems, such as missing shingles and damaged fascia. You might also want to check the condition of your outer edges, valleys, and chimneys.

In some cases, a storm can cause a tree or tree branch to fall onto your home. You might need a partial repair or complete roof replacement depending on the magnitude of the damage. As noted before, some damages may not be obvious. Your roofing structure can be weakened, and this will results in leaks later. A professional roofer can help to prevent or fix such problems to reduce repair costs and keep your home safe.

3. Poor Attic Ventilation
If your attic is insufficiently ventilated, you could end up with different roofing problems to fix. Poor ventilation usually leads to ice buildup and dams along the edges of your roof. When this happens, water can seep through the shingles, resulting in roof leaks. Other signs to look for are rusted nails, mildew growth, water stains on wood, and frost on rafters.

Make sure you work with a roofing company to fix your ventilation problem and reduce your air conditioning costs during hot seasons. Proper ventilation also helps to boost the lifespan of your shingles by keeping the roof cool when temperatures are high. The contractor will also ensure all the venting requirements are met to provide a lasting solution to your problem.

The roof is the critical part of your home as it protects your property and family from intense weather conditions. Ensuring it’s always in good shape helps to prevent advanced problems, which certainly attract high repair costs. Ideally, your roof should be inspected once or twice a year. And it’s best to work with a professional roofer to ensure your roofing system offers optimal protection.

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