3 Landscaping Ideas for Sand and Gravel

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3 Landscaping Ideas for Sand and Gravel


It may not be your first thought when you consider how to spruce up your home, but landscaping with sand and gravel can add some really exciting changes to the outside of your house. With different arrangements and purposes you can create unique and beautiful outdoor spaces with these materials.

When summer comes it’s great to have fun spaces outside for your family and friends. With these sand and gravel landscaping ideas you can transform your backyard into a wonderful warm weather haven.

Crushed Stone Paths

One way to add style and beauty to your backyard or garden is with crushed stone paths. You can pick colors that suit your taste and arrange them in a way that you love. It can make your garden look more together while you giving an easy to walk path to navigate through it. You can even arrange them in fun patterns if you want to. They also help to accent special features that you want to show off like a fountain or statue.

Sand Fire Pits

A fun idea for summer and fall nights is to add a sand pit to your back yard with a fire pit in the center. You can have your very own piece of beach right outside your door. Decorate it with comfortable chairs and a fun stone design around the fire pit to create an exciting hangout space for you and friends. You can roast marshmallows and enjoy the feeling of your feet in the cool evening sand.

Gravel Patios

Using soft pea gravel you can essentially carpet your patio. You can use lighter colored stone to reflect the light in the summer so that you don’t burn your feet on the stone. It also adds a unique, soft look to your patio space instead of harsh coldness of concrete. You can use sand for this as well if you want a fun, beachy feel.

Sand and Gravel For Sale Near Me

With these fun tricks, plus whatever else you can think up, you can have the backyard of your dreams. You can find sand and gravel for sale by searching “sand and gravel for sale near me” or going to a nearby landscaping company.

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