3 Handy Design Ideas for Custom Bathroom Vanities

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3 Handy Design Ideas for Custom Bathroom Vanities


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Custom bathroom vanities can make a big difference in the look and feel of a bathroom — admittedly, often a lackluster area of the home. But since the best custom wood cabinets cost a fair amount, you’ll want to make your custom made cabinets really stand out. Here are some design ideas for custom wood bathroom cabinets that will make your bathroom design more beautiful and functional for whoever uses it:

  1. A Built-In Laundry Basket

    It can be tough to find a good spot in a bathroom for a laundry hamper where it’s convenient (upping the chances that dirty clothes will actually end up in the hamper, rather than on the floor) but not in the way. And even if you do find a spot, it can be rather unattractive to have laundry out in the open: There’s a reason the term “airing your dirty laundry” is a cliche for showing off something you should be keeping private.

    The easiest solution is a bin-sized drawer (on gliders, so it doesn’t get too heavy) or two built to look like just another cabinetry compartment. You can even have it fitted with a canvas liner that doubles as a laundry bag if scooping the clothes out seems like a hassle.

  2. Integrated Steps

    If you’re sharing a bathroom with little ones, you almost certainly have a stool stashed somewhere so that they can reach the faucet; you’ve also almost certainly tripped over it in the middle of the night. While one option would be to make sure that your vanity has a cabinet large enough for the stool to be tucked away, there’s an even easier option.

    One or two compartments at the bottom of the vanity can be made to look like drawers, but actually pull out as steps. You can even have a little toe hold built in so they can be opened with your feet. You’ll never have to deal with a plastic stepstool again.

  3. A Mirror and Bench

    For a more romantic, elegant feel, custom bathroom vanities can be modeled after the old-fashioned dressing tables that inspired them. Instead of stopping your vanity at waist height and then hanging a mirror on the wall, consider a full-height piece that incorporates a mirror. And if you have a long, narrow room, you can create a separate beauty area to the side of the sink, complete with space underneath the counter for a stool or bench.

Do you have any other great design ideas for custom bathroom vanities? Share in the comments!

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