10 Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to Your Home

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10 Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to Your Home


If you’re a homeowner who’s concerned with adding value to your home, then it’s important to know that there are many different routes available to you. Often times homeowners feel restricted in terms of what they can or cannot add to their homes. Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market, or if you’re just interested in adding some curb appeal, we’ve put together a simple list of home improvement projects that add value to your home. Let’s get started!

A Finished Basement Adds Value

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize any type of potential value in your home that you may be overlooking. It’s quite common for people to look towards more obvious forms of adding value with renovations, such as antique rug repair, or adding an entirely new room or wing to a home. However, there are a number of different home improvement projects that add value to your home. Finishing your basement is one such project which can be done with a variety of approaches.

Far too many people make the mistake of treating their basement only as a place where practical things are done, such as laundry, cleaning, and other forms of labor. However, once you recognize that a basement can be so much more, you open up a whole new world of possibility. However, before you delve too deep into building out your basement and finishing it, you should set your sights on completing some more basic operational home improvement projects that add value to your home. For example, taking care of any plumbing or septic tank issues by hiring qualified septic tank services can free you up to add more additions to your basement.

Once you’ve completed these necessary foundational tasks, you can move on to remodeling your basement to create an entirely new atmosphere. For families with young children or teenagers, it’s a good idea to make your basement into some sort of recreational hangout spot. While installing some new carpet and adding some furniture is great, also consider adding some entertainment options. For those who are into movies and video games, a new multimedia entertainment center is a great option for the basement. But you can also add a pool table, darts, or any other number of recreational options to cater to the whole family. Whatever you choose to do, finishing your basement is certainly one of the best home improvement projects that add value to your home.

Make Necessary Repairs to Your Roof

Most homeowners hate to think about the fact that they might have problems with their roofs. But the fact of the matter stands that roof repairs are one of the most important repairs that you need to address at some point. Certainly anyone trying to add value to their home will consider the long term negative effects that a poor roof can lead to. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to go to the extremes of replacing your roof altogether. With most roofs, hiring a qualified roofing repair contractor can get you where you need to be. The strength and lifespan of your roof depend on a number of factors, many of which may be difficult to predict. However, if you want to ensure that your home has maximum value, then taking care of your roof is of paramount importance.

Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom

Adding a new room to your home is one of the most popular home improvement projects that add value to your home. Many homeowners discover that a new room adds an entirely new character to the home, one which may have been impossible without such a drastic addition. That being said, sometimes adding a bedroom or living room can end up costing you way more than originally estimated. Often times adding these types of rooms require quite extreme remodeling projects. Instead, consider adding a bathroom! Bathrooms are far easier and more cost-effective. They can also add some functionality to the rest of your home, by providing even more private space for guests and family members throughout the day.

Of course, you don’t even have to go through with adding an entirely new bathroom if you’re happy with your current bathroom arrangements. In this case, consider performing a bathroom remodel. Sure, doing some necessary work such as drain cleaning and functional repairs is great, but bathrooms also offer the chance to perform some fun cosmetic home improvement projects that add value to your home. For example, why not put up some bright, welcoming wallpaper that makes the bathroom a more welcoming place? What about changing your shower into a combination shower/bathtub? Switching out your old bathroom tile for some newer designs can add some much-needed flair without breaking the bank.

Don’t Forget About Your Garage!

While updating the interior spaces of your home certainly provides some much-needed value, you don’t want to neglect your outdoor spaces either. Taking care of the exterior of your home, including your lawn and outer walls can add some incredible curb appeal for neighbors, visitors, and potential buyers browsing the market. However, many people forget to factor their garage into the equation. As a key piece of your home’s overall curb appeal, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure you have a garage door that matches the rest of your home. Even if you spend time improving the rest of your home’s exterior, you should never assume that your garage door is perfect as is. In fact, many homeowners discover that once they upgrade their garage door, the rest of their home’s exterior tends to elevate in appearance. Swapping out your garage door for a newer model is one of the best (and most overlooked) home improvement projects that add value to your home.

A New Paint Job Is Cheap and Easy

It’s understandable to have some hesitations about trying to tackle too many home improvement projects that add value to your home at once. Not only do these undertakings present an incredible time commitment in many cases, but they can also be quite straining to your personal finances and budgeting efforts. After all, did you know that it was estimated that total U.S. home improvement expenditure amounted to about 394 billion U.S. dollars in 2018? For these reasons, it’s never a bad idea to look for home improvement projects that are quick and don’t require you to check with your accountant at every step of the way. Adding a new paint job either to a room inside your home or to the walls outside your home is an excellent way of adding value to your home without putting too much of a strain on your calendar or your bank account.

Add an Outdoor Deck Area

The outdoor spaces of your home represent some excellent chances to undergo home improvement projects that add value to your home. While taking care of your home’s front side may net you some much-needed curb appeal, you should also consider making some valuable additions. An outdoor deck can radically transform your outdoor space into the perfect destination for dining, social gatherings, and visiting. Adding a deck can also be done without having too much of an impact on the rest of your yard and landscaping. Curious about adding a deck but not too sure where it should go? Take a survey of the different views available on your property. Also consider the angles in relation to sunlight. If you’re unsure about how to install a deck properly, then there’s certainly no shame in hiring a builder or contractor to take care of it for you. After all, adding a deck is much like adding an entirely new room to your home.

Update Your Electrical and Wiring

As any intelligent homeowner knows, what’s on the outside of your home isn’t the only thing that matters. Sure, no one can deny the fact that it’s fun to add some style and flair to your home, but all of this means little if you haven’t taken care of the more functional aspects of the home. One such aspect, your electrical wiring, is one that should be at the top of your priority list regardless of any other changes or upgrades that you may be planning to make.

Wiring for your electrical appliances, outlets, and internet is crucial. But when doing this type of work with a contractor or certified electrician, it’s wise to also pay some mind to other functional aspects of your home. As we all know, straightening out your electrical wiring and power systems can net you some great energy and cash savings on your monthly utility bill. So when upgrading your wiring, also consider investing in AC repair as well. Making sure your HVAC system is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible can produce some truly outstanding returns in the form of lower utility bills, decreased energy usage, and a smaller environmental footprint. Nowadays, many energy companies even offer green energy programs such as free assessments and kickback incentives for customers interested in altering their home’s energy systems to be more sustainable.

Put a Pool in Your Backyard

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space beyond adding a deck or patio, then the addition of an in ground pool is an excellent choice. For those looking to put their home on the market, it’s helpful to know that for many new home buyers, a pool can be an absolute make-or-break. So adding this fun amenity can open you up to a whole new set of buyers who might otherwise completely ignore your home’s listing. Even so, it’s important to remember the fact that an outdoor pool requires substantial upkeep. Keep this in mind if you’re not looking to add any more chores to your regular list. Between keeping the pool clean during the summer and maintaining it in the offseason, it can quickly create more obligations for you and your family.

Address Your Flooring

Adding or repairing your home’s flooring can change the entire look and feel of your home. Tired of an older, outdated look? Try adding some modern carpet to a room. Looking to capture a rustic, old-world feel? Update your flooring to wood floors that match the rest of the home. In today’s market, the variety of options for upgrading your home’s flooring is nearly limitless. Each of them provides a chance to accent any unique design features that may be present in your home.

Install Some New Kitchen Fixtures

There are many home improvement projects that add value to your home which use the kitchen as their basis for upgrades. As one of the most used spaces in any home, the kitchen requires close attention and care throughout the course of homeownership. Making some upgrades here with home improvement projects that add value to your home can net you some great returns without investing too much time or energy. Of course if you’re so inclined, you can always tackle larger projects in your kitchen, such as redoing all your wood flooring refinishing or having new countertops installed. However, many people find that just updating some fixtures is enough to breathe some new life into any kitchen or dining area. You don’t even need to think that big here, either. Something as seemingly simple as adding some new knobs, handles, and switches can really have a profound impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

While small additions are certainly welcome, you shouldn’t close yourself off to medium to large-sized fixture installations either. Adding a new sink, stove, or oven can transform a kitchen even further. Many homes that were built a while ago may have some fixtures that are outdated in terms of energy efficiency as well. By upgrading these outdated appliances and fixtures, you not only add some value to your home, but you also create a financial and energy usage landscape that is more responsible and sustainable both for you and your family and for any owners who may move in in the future.

While there’s no denying the fact that new kitchen fixtures can truly work wonder on the value, look, and feel of a home, you should also consider adding new fixtures in other rooms of your house as well. For example, most people find that adding some new pieces to their bathrooms add an immense amount of value. These upgrades not only create a greater appeal for new and interested buyers but in the meantime they can also have a tremendously positive impact on the quality of your day to day life while you’re still living in the home. Of course, as with most excellent home upgrades, these fixture installations don’t have to break the bank, either.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, or time-consuming. By following some of these simple ideas, you can make the most out of your home whether you’re looking to place it on the housing market, or if you’re just looking to increase your home’s charm and livability. We wish you all the best as you work on these home improvement projects that add value to your home

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