Apartments v Caves


Many years ago, our ancestors said to themselves, “Hey, I’m sick of foraging for berries while being chased by wolves. Let’s invent cities!” And thus was born one of humankind’s greatest achievements — a densely-packed conglomeration of tall buildings that provide everything humans could possibly need, from shelter to firefighters to Starbucks. Here’s just a […]

What to Look for When Looking for a New Home


The process of buying a home always begins with, as you might have guessed, finding new homes to buy. House-hunting can be an exhilarating prospect for some, and a nightmare for others. But whichever way you feel, it can help to break the process down into manageable pieces, so you can step back at the […]

What to Look For In Bathroom Amenities


Before the 1950s, toilets typically used 7 gallons or more per flush. By the end of the 1960s, toilets were designed to flush with only 5.5 gallons, and in the 1980s new toilets used only 3.5 gallons. Today, modern toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons of water in the U.S. Are you shopping around […]


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