Modern Furniture in Today’s Society

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Modern Furniture in Today’s Society


Contemporary furniture dc

Modern furniture refers to furniture created from the late 19th century until now. Modern furniture has been influenced by the modernist style. In art and design, the modernist movement embraces disruption, discontinuity, and the unexpected, all while rejecting realism and traditional values. True contemporary furniture also appeals to these ideas. Modern furniture can be found in almost any furniture store so if you are looking for where to buy modern furniture you can be sure to find it just about anywhere. You can find modern furniture online and in contemporary furniture stores. In the United States, the yearly revenue for the furniture market is $63 billion. This includes modern furniture.

The first civilizations to use dining tables were the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greek dining tables were made to be slid under a bed when not in use. The word sofa comes from the Arabic term meaning “bench.” The word couch comes from the Old French word meaning “to recline.” At first, couches were more similar to daybeds. They were pieces of furniture on which to recline, hence the Old French word for it. Other terms for a sofa or a couch include: davenport, divan, and the Chesterfield.

During the medieval times, chairs were used pretty much only by noblemen or those in the upper ranks of society. These chairs were most recognizable in the form of thrones. The lower classes would have sat on the floor or perched on backless stools. The term “chairman” comes from the fact that only important people had enough privilege to have chairs. Everyone else sat on stools, benches, or the floor.

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