The Top Three Most Compelling Reasons to Routinely Clean Your Chimney


Clean a chimney

Chimneys can be a huge hassle to clean out. For that reason, many people avoid it at all costs or at least avoid thinking about it. After all, since it is out of sight, it is easy enough to keep out of mind. Despite all that, it is very important to tidy up one’s chimney liners and chimney caps from time to time, and not just for the sake of being thorough. Here are three reasons why your chimney caps and chimney liners deserve a cleaning:

1. Chimney Fires

When you burn things in your chimney, it can develop a sort of black tar-like gunk called creosote. This is a flammable substance and can cause nasty chimney fires that burn at well over two thousand degrees. This can cause major damage to both homes and the people living in them, so a dirty chimney can mean an endangered home! Cleaning the chimney is an act of self defense.

2. Chimney Swifts

Cleaning a chimney is also a humanitarian act. There is a species of bird called a chimney swift that often nests in, as the name would suggest, chimneys. It can be dangerous for the birds if the chimney is put to use while they are nesting. Fortunately, they mostly nest there in the summer, but not exclusively, so cleaning the chimney thoroughly before its first use can save a life or two!

3. Ventilation

Because use of a fireplace can cause a buildup of dirt, grease, and creosote, it’s important to clean it routinely to allow the maximum ventilation through the chimney. A clogged chimney leaves no egress for the fire’s smoke except straight back into the home! It can also help to make sure the chimney flue liners are fitted properly sine that can reduce the buildup of creosote, but it still needs routine cleaning to keep it pristine. How will you care for your chimney?

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