How to Keep Your Child Safe While on the Playground

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How to Keep Your Child Safe While on the Playground


As a parent, it’s easy to feel overly protective of your young child.

This is especially true at the playground, where it seems like disaster can strike at almost every turn.

However, no child wants to be heavily guarded as they’re playing and letting off some steam. So to ensure that you’re keeping a watchful eye over your little one, but still giving them space they need to enjoy themselves, consider these next few tips on keeping your child safe and healthy without helicoptering over them.

Keeping their space safe and fun at home

You can also create a safe and fun environment from the comfort of your own backyard. Purchase a playground equipped with some swings and a winding slide. This way, you can watch them from indoors without worrying about what could happen the minute you look away to tend to something else. Treat this project like you would any other major landscaping property improvement project. Make sure you have adequate space and lay out the foundation. Of course, since safety is your first concern, place some playground chips to help cushion any falls. Cedar chips or certified cedar chips for playgrounds instantly make your area kid-friendly and reminiscent of your child’s favorite outdoor park.

Come prepared

Before you leave your home and make the drive or walk to the playground, make sure you prepared for any situation.

Keep a bag set aside with these necessities:

  • bandaid to bandage up small cuts
  • ample water to ward off dehydration
  • wet wipes
  • Neosporin
  • hand sanitizer

Do a quick scan before they play

Before they jump onto the slide or start swinging from the monkey bars, inspect all of the equipment. Especially if you’re at a new park. Check for broken or rusty playground equipment to stop potential accidents right in their tracks.

Have your child know the playground rules backward and forward

Make sure your child understands that they need to do their part in keeping the playground safe too. Reiterate that they can’t push, shove, tease, other children and need to keep their hands to themselves. However, make this into a fun routine and quiz them on their way to the park.


By coming to the park prepared, teaching your child about playground safety, and scanning the area before they play, you’re taking all of the necessary precautions when it comes to keeping them safe and active.

If you still have your doubts, you can always bring the playground to your home and lay down cedar playground chips or certified playground chips to cushion their falls.

Make safety a priority, while still giving your child a bit of freedom. By taking these precautions, like laying down certified playground chips for home use, you can have the best of both worlds.

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