Common Reasons Why Your Oil Analysis Program Is Failing

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Common Reasons Why Your Oil Analysis Program Is Failing


Oil analysis is vital when it comes to the success of your business. Without properly functioning oil, your machines can’t work efficiently. Unfortunately, many oil analysis programs that businesses put in place to keep their oil under control can fail if they’re not conducted properly.

If your compressor oil analysis program isn’t delivering the results it should be, there might be something amiss with your strategy. Here are some of the most common reasons why compressor oil analysis programs fail and what you can do to fix them.

  • Improper strategies. A common compressor oil analysis strategy is to take samples when the machine is having a problem to determine the condition of the oil. But if you’re only ever taking and analyzing samples when there are problems with the machine, you won’t have a reliable diagnosis of the issue. In fact, when most compressor fluids are replaced, up to 99% of that oil is fit for continued use. Make sure you’re taking regular samples from the oil whether there’s a problem or not as a part of reliability centered maintenance. This helps to establish the norm when it comes to the condition of your lubricant.
  • Improper sampling techniques. Your compressor oil analysis is only as good as the samples you take. You want to be sure when you’re extracting a sample that you’re taking the time to get representative samples with minimum sample contamination. You can take a sample from the drain port, using a drop-tube and vacuum pump, or from a dedicated sample valve. Make sure to install dedicated sample valves in the right locations and that your sampling procedures are consistently documented.
  • Infrequent analysis. Just like how you don’t want to analyze your oil only when your machines are having issues, you also don’t want to analyze your oil too infrequently. While many businesses choose to forego frequent oil analysis for cost reasons, infrequent analysis can keep you from getting an accurate read on your oil quality. This can lead to replacing your oil before you need to. Make sure to check your oil regularly. Preventative maintenance using the right processes can help you save more money than you would save by avoiding it.

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