Three Exterior Basement Waterproofing Methods

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Keeping water out of a home is not an easy job, especially in areas that experience frequent heavy rains, flooding or snowfall. Whenever water finds a way into the house, it can lead to major water damage, which in turn can damage important interior structures in the home that keep a house standing straight and tall. Water damage can also ruin carpets, furniture and other items that might be one-of-a-kind or hold special, sentimental value to the owner. Homeowners can keep water out of their home with a number of different exterior basement waterproofing, including:

  1. Basement Window Well Covers – When water pools up along the exterior foundation of a home, it can cause both damage to the foundation and start to work its way inside. This is especially true around areas where their are interruptions in the walls, like windows and doors. To keep water from accumulating around windows, homeowners can install basement window well covers. These covers prevent rain water and snow from building up inside of window wells and leaking into the basement.
  2. French Drain System – One of the biggest problems that can lead to water in the home is a lawn that tends to flood. When a yard doesn’t drain well, the soil begins to swell as it becomes more concentrated with water, causing pressure against a home’s foundation. It also allows water to leak into any cracks in the foundation walls. Installing a french drain system is a great solution for yards that flood or don’t drain well. This system is installed deep in the ground and takes excess water from the yard and distributes it away through a serious of pipes.
  3. Fix Exterior Cracks – Any cracks in exterior basement walls or in foundation walls can easily allow water into the basement. Cracks that are visible in the walls above the ground can be filled using a concrete sealant; however, if there are cracks in the wall beneath the surface that are unreachable, more serious waterproofing is needed. In this case, waterproofing experts will need to dig out the ground around the walls in order to fix issues beneath the surface.

No one wants to deal with a wet basement, and with these helpful exterior basement waterproofing tricks, homeowners don’t have to. More can be found here:

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