Which Window Treatment is Right For You?

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Which Window Treatment is Right For You?


When it comes to putting the finishing touches on windows, there are few options that are as simple yet also as perfect as window blinds. You can easily find bargain shutters and blinds that can work to provide privacy for you and your family while also looking elegant and attractive from the inside of your home. Blinds allow you to control visibility in and out of your home and also help your control light levels and manage your electricity usage as well by providing natural light when it is available.

You can find all manner of shades and blinds online or at your local home furnishings store. There are basement shades, basement window blind options, and basement window well blinds too among many other styles and designs that are available to you. No matter what your needs are and what look you are going for, you should have no trouble finding blinds and curtains that meet those needs. So start your search today and see what amazing colors and styles and patterns and designs are out there for you right now!

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Did you know that without window treatments, up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through the windows? Because of this, many homeowners are turning to both new window treatment trends and classic styles to help prevent energy loss. This is especially true in the summer, when window shades, blinds, awnings and more can effectively keep air conditioning in, while also preventing heat and UV rays from entering through the windows. If you are interested in creating a more comfortable, temperate home that wastes less energy, residential window treatments are likely the answer you’re looking for? But which type is right for your home? Read on to find out.

    1. Awnings– The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association reports that window awnings are an effective way to reduce heat gain in the summer months and prevent energy loss in the winter, which can cause houses to become cooler and energy bills to grow higher to little effect. Accordingly, awnings have been shown to reduce heat gain inside your home during the summer months by as much as 77%, making them a useful way to keep your home temperate. Moreover, awnings can protect the inside of your home from sun damage by preventing UV rays from entering the building.


    1. Curtains and Draperies– One of the most classic and traditional window treatments, curtains and draperies both come in a wide range of styles and colors, enabling them to match and enhance any room. Like awnings, when drawn, they can prevent heat loss and also provide a degree of privacy. However, draperies are made heavier fabrics than curtains, and therefore are more effective at preventing energy loss and blocking UV rays.


    1. Blinds– From wood blinds to vertical blinds, this window treatment is one of the most versatile and diverse ways to prevent energy loss and sun damage. Many homeowners prefer blinds because they are extremely cost effective, and also allow them to let in as much or as little light as they desire at a given time. They also create a perfect solution for any window: for example, mini blinds are designed for smaller windows, giving homeowners privacy and preventing energy loss even in small spaces. Similarly, vertical blinds are typically used for larger windows, instead of having the slats stretch horizontally across a large space.


Window treatments offer a variety of ways to customize your home, while also preventing energy loss and improving temperature. From fabric drapes to vertical blinds, it is easy to find the right option for you and your home. Make your choice today and prevent energy loss! Read more.


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